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In today’s rapidly evolving digital world and economic uncertainty, organizations need to stay agile and remain ahead of the curve while continually providing unique product, brand, user, and market experiences for their customers. As customer habits, attitudes, and expectations change quickly, one of the biggest ongoing challenges for companies is staying current and flexible enough to strategically pivot and deliver.

Material and Fuel Cycle’s partnership offers a strategic alliance of services, creating an opportunity for companies to gain essential intelligence and insights by acquiring critical market, brand, and product data for continued success.


As a sophisticated market research technology ecosystem in a single platform, Fuel Cycle supports a wide range of business needs, from fast-turnaround tactical research projects to longer-term strategic studies. Material is a customer experience transformation leader that combines insights with technology to speed engagement and growth, creating transformative relationships at the intersection of insights, design, and technology to build brands from the insight out.

The community insights tool, powered by Fuel Cycle’s technology, provides customers with on-demand engagement with a curated group of target audiences, enabling brand speak with greater agility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency than ever before. Through constant dialogue with consumers, it can be a source of unexpected discovery.

Fuel Cycle delivers mission-critical intelligence to decision-makers, leveraging its unified continuous and agile research ecosystem – the Fuel Cycle Research Engine– which connects brands to their key audiences, enabling everything they need to acquire, retain, and expand customer relationships.

Material transforms complex challenges into actionable solutions through an innovative and systematic application of science. Utilizing insights, design and technology to make informed decisions across strategy, brand, design, innovation and experience, Material helps clients optimize processes, increase engagement and loyalty to speed growth to turn transactional moments into transformational relationships. Material understands what people think, feel and do across every interaction, enabling their team to speed innovation and help companies outperform their competitors.

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Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insight communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.