Setting the Stage for Agile Research in 2021

In a survey Fuel Cycle ran this year, 83% of corporate researchers reported they expect to be doing most or all their research online in the next 12 months. Meanwhile, SurveyMonkey research found that 47% of market research pros plan to increase their usage of DIY research solutions, compared with only 27% who plan to […]

Agile Market Research: Mindset or Method?

“Agile” is not a foreign term. In fact, it’s such a hot topic that we may be growing desensitized to its original definition, which is simply, “the ability to move quickly and easily.” When most people think of qualitative research, they don’t think “quick” or “easy.” But as technology enables greater speed, all business units are pressured to keep up by adopting agile methodologies and incorporating them […]

Accelerating Qualitative User Experience Research with Machine Learning

How can user experience researchers adapt to the onslaught of insights needs coming from their business? Watch this webinar for an action packed discussion on how digital solutions and machine learning can help them adapt to the growth in user experience demand, drive value, and accelerate decision making with machine learning. Fuel CycleThe first insights […]

The Power of Centralizing Technology to Align Stakeholders and Win Customer Trust

The past decade brought many of the tools we use today to establish connection with our customers. In the next year, not only will technology-facilitated collaboration with customers become more vital, but access to tools that forge internal bonds within organizations will become the major differentiator for those that thrive above others. In this conversation […]

How to Supercharge Your UX Research | Greenbook

In a digital world where everyone is online, UX matters more than ever. Trends in digital work are surfacing across industries creating a massive transformation. Even still, many companies haven’t evolved as fast as the UX world requires. Join us in exploring the evolution of UX to truly understand where organizations need to be with […]

Progressive Profiling: Unifying Data to Remap the Post-Covid19 Customer Journey

During Covid19, customer experiences drastically changed; new needs, new channels, new formats of communication. And while this way of life won’t be forever, we’re all going to emerge on the other side of this in a “new normal.” This webinar will reveal how you can integrate all your customer data into one centralized platform for customer experience research. By running continuous research with Community while incorporating these progressive profiling capabilities with the P2 […]

Total Advertising Performance: Mastering Digital Advertising with Extreme Agility

Measuring ad effectiveness is imperative for organizations that are serious about growing profitably. More importantly, with current political, social and economic changes we must understand how messages resonate with consumers. Traditional ad effectiveness measurement determines the overall performance of digital marketing campaigns, but simply measuring the impact after deployment can only benefit the business so […]

Customer Experience: Remapping the Post-Covid19 Customer Journey

During Covid19, customer experiences drastically changed; new needs, new channels, new formats of communication. And while this way of life won’t be forever, we’re all going to emerge on the other side of this in a “new normal.” This webinar will reveal how you can integrate all your customer data into one centralized platform for […]