Delta Testing: Getting It Right The First Time

Time and time again, we see hear stories of both established and up-and-coming brands launching a new product or campaign that strikes a deep chord with customers. Suddenly, they’re filling a gap that nobody else knew existed. It’s tempting to call it beginner’s luck or credit the corner of the market big brands had already […]

Optimizing Qualitative Research for Mobile Technology

Due to a growing dialogue around diversity, equity, and inclusion, researchers rightly worry about representation in research – especially when it comes to qualitative research. Traditional focus group processes are unintentionally exclusionary, as less than 12% of the U.S. population can easily visit a research facility based on geography alone. And with 1-in-5 Americans being smartphone-dependent, digital mobile qualitative isn’t […]

Reinvigorating Your Research Community (psst: It’s as important as launching one)

Does it ever start to seem like your research community has “run its course?” Or maybe you’re struggling to track accurate ROI and are beginning to wonder whether it’s worth the investment. Perhaps you don’t even have a research community yet, because concerns like these are holding you back. If any of this sounds familiar, […]

Insights that Ignite Action: Elevate Your Market Research Impact Potential

Insights should be the seeds of action. Most modern businesses have vast amounts of data and packaged predictions, but there is a disconnect around the context, implications, and necessary action. As research professionals and strategists, we are in a powerful position to produce work that impacts business outcomes. But we all know that the most beautifully designed […]

The State of AI in Market Research

Year over year, market researchers predict that AI will be one of the top emerging trends to impact the insights industry. While this sentiment has remained, it also brings to light a few key questions: What does that impact look like today and how widespread is it? What will the future of AI in market […]

Hitting the Sweet Spot: A Risk vs. Reward Approach to Market Research

When King’s Hawaiian first launched their customer community, The Ohana Circle in October 2019, they had measured expectations. It was treated like a novelty and used primarily for conducting surveys. But over time and with expanded use, successfully running high priority research projects with various Fuel Cycle partner solutions, the community has garnered a pipeline […]

Integrations, Automation & Intelligence

Today’s market researchers need to utilize data from a variety of channels – including transactional data, social media, and survey data – to uncover meaningful insights. Not only do they need to find ways to collect this vast array of quantitative and qualitative data, but they also need an efficient way to integrate and analyze it for accurate insight extraction. When this level of precision and speed are the new-norm expectations for researchers, […]

Optimizing Qualitative Research with Mobile Technology

Due to increasing awareness around sweeping social justice issues, researchers rightly worry about representation and diversity in research – especially when it comes to qualitative research. Traditional focus group processes are unintentionally exclusionary, as less than 12% of the U.S. population can easily visit a research facility based on geography alone. Additionally, 1-in-5 Americans are smartphone-dependent, with Black and Hispanic people over indexing in this […]

Predicting the Future of Media: An Insights Driven Strategy

The world of media & entertainment has been turned upside down by the pandemic and everything that has come along with it. Market research professionals in the industry are being tasked with predicting the future – without a crystal ball to speak of. But just because we’re crystal ball-less doesn’t mean we can’t portend what […]

A Longing for Belonging: The Power of Customer Communities

Decision-makers across teams are consistently challenged to prioritize the bigger picture. But it can be a challenge to align on the larger initiatives when each team is leveraging different toolkits and data sources to do their jobs and back their logic. Orchestrating harmonious, interdepartmental strategy requires a lot of heavy lifting – without the proper tools.    In this session, discover how the use of continuous research technology can mobilize organizational […]