The Best Market Research Techniques for Your Business

Find Out Whether Your Brand is Essential to Customers  Companies make customer-centered business decisions are the ones that customers rely on the most. But your business decisions are only reliable if your data collection methods are solid. Choosing the right techniques to conduct market research is the first step to beneficial data collection.   Download this infographic to discover:  The […]

Infographic: The State of Market Research 2020

Our annual survey of market research professionals found that market researchers’ day-to-day job in 2019 looked a lot like it did in recent years. But technology is changing the industry fast. To keep pace, we took the most important stats from the original report and turned them into a snackable infographic for quick consumption.   Download […]

The State of Qualitative Research 2020

In January 2020, we surveyed 195 market researchers to find out how they field qualitative studies and what they think of qualitative data. We found that while quantitative research is still more heavily relied upon, the average market researcher uses several different qualitative approaches to support a variety of business use cases, and that usage of […]

5 Market Research Trends for 2020

We are about to enter a new decade. With 2020 only weeks away, it seems appropriate to reflect on the past and celebrate the unprecedented technological advancement we’ve achieved since the dawn of the 21st century. As businesses prepare to shape the next decade of innovation, it’ll be critical to utilize the most advanced market […]

How to Use the Kano Model to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

In a nutshell, the Kano Model is a set of ideas and techniques that help product managers determine customers’ satisfaction with various product features. It can help you identify what your customers expect out of your products, understand which features boost satisfaction, and even discover the ways your product could go above and beyond to surprise […]

3 Things You Need to Know Before Starting an Online Community

Ready to supercharge your research with a community solution? Let’s find out. It’s become common knowledge among market researchers that online community is one of the most impactful tools available. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for your organization… yet. If you’ve considered investing in a community solution, but haven’t made the commitment yet, […]

Combining the Power of Community and Panel

Want a more comprehensive view of your customers? Research panels and online communities provide different, yet highly compatible benefits. With so much rich insight to uncover using each method, it only makes sense to combine their powers for the most impactful research results possible. Download this infographic to discover: Key similarities and differences between panels […]

Niche Audiences in Market Research

Minority groups contribute the most growth in most organizations. In an age where the U.S. continues to have a more diverse and proliferated audience group, knowing how to do multicultural research is not just important, but necessary. Download our free infographic and discover the important changing cultural landscape. Download this infographic and discover: The current […]

Infographic: The Essential Steps in the Marketing Research Process

Marketers are now having to translate sophisticated consumer data and market research is becoming a more prominent need in the marketing world. We created this infographic, so that you can get a refresher on market research 101 and discover the easy steps to gathering the data you need to make the most informed marketing decisions. […]

How to Use Market Research to Fix Your Customer Retention Problem Infographic

Did you know a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%? While customer retention is a big initiative for almost every industry, very few businesses are using insights to help solve their customer retention problem. Download this infographic to see how market research can help elevate your business objectives to […]