ATI Gatherings: Actioning Insights Questions Answered

Providing insights is not a barrier. Ensuring those insights actually move the needle is the job at hand. Is where the insights are reported the problem? Is it the storytelling that’s the issue? Is the fact that there isn’t rich enough data feeding the insights the conundrum? It’s all of the above. We discuss solutions to providing and closing the loop on actionable insights.


  • Lindsay Klindt – Director Consumer Insights & Strategy, Tyson Foods
  • Doug Healy – Senior Director, Consumer Insights, PEPSI
  • Isaiah Harvin – Senior Product Manager, User Signals, Disney Streaming
  • Tom Gould – Director, Constellation Brands
  • Polly Speros – Chief Customer Officer, Fuel Cycle

Author: Kalyn Stockman

Kalyn Stockman is a Marketing Manager at Fuel Cycle, where she leads the social media and content strategy. With a degree in Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of the...