The Fuel Cycle Research Engine

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Traditional insights processes fail businesses. They are not geared to support continuous insights efficiently at scale. The Research Engine solves for this.

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See how our customers scale research initiatives and maximize return by leveraging the Research Engine.


Unlock the power of an all-inclusive online insight community

Harness the power of continuous engagement with your key audiences to gain rapid insights that fuel customer acquisition, retention, and expansion strategies.

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Unleash the potential of agile insights for dynamic decision-making

Embrace the evolution of agile research with cutting-edge insights methodologies and studies that empower actionable intelligence and drive confident business decisions.

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The Fuel Cycle Research Engine

Decision Intelligence Platform

Become legendary with the best market research software.

Meet some of the brands that utilize the best market research software to forge connections with their key audiences and harness the actionable insights that drive confident business decisions. 

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“With [Fuel Cycle], we’re able to go out to members at the drop of a hat with all the asks that we might need. Each week we are talking to our patients’ and getting insights through discussion boards, surveys, video diaries, and other longitudinal studies because we want to know more about our members’ lives. We glean those insights so that we can make an impact and drive outcomes at Ro.Co.”

Lee Robinson
Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights & Strategy
Roman Health

The industry leader in innovation and culture.

Our mission is to accelerate decision intelligence for legendary brands and that is what drives our passion and inspires us to keep innovating for our customers — and our employees.

We’re honored to continually be recognized as industry leaders for our technology and culture. 

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Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insight communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.