The Critical Role of Digital Healthcare UX Design 

The digital healthcare space is dynamic, with continuous innovations influencing the User Experience (UX) landscape. From mobile health apps to wearable devices, the market is witnessing a surge in solutions aimed at enhancing patient engagement and overall healthcare outcomes. For instance, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications are being explored to provide immersive […]

Prescribing Success: The Role of Market Research in Healthcare Strategy

As the healthcare industry experiences the long-standing effects of pandemic burnout, hospital leaders must also grapple with economic challenges, from staffing shortages to supply chain problems and rising costs. National health expenditures in the US have risen almost nine times higher since 1970. Despite these challenges, hospital executives can take steps to control and reduce […]

Market Research Pain Points – Healthcare & Insurance

There isn’t an industry that hasn’t been affected by the turmoil of the last three years. Between COVID-19, rising inflation, supply chain challenges, and worker shortages, businesses in all industries are in a state of limbo, waiting for the next unprecedented event to unfold.  The healthcare and insurance industries have been hit particularly hard as […]

Healthcare Industry Disruption: What You Need To Know

a shot of a speaker with fabric cover with a woman in the background out of focus sitting while holding a black mug

As we enter year three of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry is transforming before our eyes, perhaps more so than it has in the last few decades. An unprecedented virus, social distancing, mask requirements healthcare worker burnout, vaccine mandates, supplying chain disruptions, and staffing shortages have made the health sector a ticking time bomb. […]

User Experience for Healthcare Professionals

Read on to discover: As we age, healthcare becomes a non-negotiable part of our lives. Genetic factors and lifestyle choices we made in our youth start to catch up with us; the blissful ignorance about our blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and weight is gone, replaced with regular doctor visits, medications, and screenings for common conditions. […]

Virtual Interview Use Cases for Healthcare

Healthcare has changed drastically in the last decade with the introduction of The Affordable Care Act over ten years ago and a current administration that vows to expand healthcare coverage to Americans in need further. Patients now have access to health plans that offer more flexibility than ever before. Historically, not much effort has been […]

What’s Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry was rocked by the Obama care initiative in 2010. With a new administration that vows to expand healthcare coverage across the nation, it’s time that healthcare leaders step up and focus on patients. As much as we’d like to avoid it, visiting a doctor’s office at different intervals throughout our lives is […]