Addressing Social and Political Issues in Retail: Insights from Consumer Survey

In today’s market, consumers want to engage with companies that share their beliefs and positively impact the world. This means that retailers must understand and address the issues that matter most to their customers to maintain relevance and attract new customers. According to a 2019 study, 64% of global consumers indicated that they would either […]

Market Research Pain Points – Retail & CPG

Retail & CPG

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has been undergoing a major transformation for the past five years. Thanks to COVID, supply chain woes, changes in consumer preferences, new technologies and increased competition, CPG brands are being forced to reassess their go-to-market strategies and explore innovative ways of doing business. In this new era of retailing, […]

Virtual Interviews For CPG & Retail

The last decade has caused the CPG and retail industries to struggle as corporate giants have monopolized the market, leaving no room for small brands to grow. With a plethora of information online, including user reviews, customers are also avoiding brick-and-mortar stores to browse products or buy things impulsively. The COVID-19 pandemic has furthered this […]