Unveiling the AI Revolution in Market Research: Key Takeaways 

Our recent webinar, ‘AI-Powered Holistic Research: Bridging Qual & Quant Insights Across the Product Lifecycle’, was led by industry experts Matt MacKinnon, VP of Product at Fuel Cycle, and Jilleun Eglin, Sr. Director of Product at Discuss. It was centered around the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in market research. This blog goes over […]

Synergizing Human Behavior with AI: A Fuel Cycle & FastFocus Webinar Recap

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents both unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the market research industry. Our recent webinar, in collaboration with FastFocus, delved deep into the nuances of this dynamic relationship, exploring how the synergy between human intelligence and AI is reshaping the industry. This blog will explore some of the key webinar […]

Market Research ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

ChatGPT presents an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize the landscape of market research. By harnessing the power of ChatGPT, market researchers gain access to a dynamic toolkit that empowers them to unearth invaluable insights, cultivate meaningful engagements with target audiences, and steer decision-making processes with unwavering precision. This ChatGPT includes five impactful strategies for leveraging ChatGPT […]

Qual-at-Scale: How AI Can Revolutionize Unstructured Data 

Qualitative research is a powerful tool to understand the needs, preferences, and motivations of your target audience. Yet it can often be under-utilized in favor of larger quantitative projects for perceived advantages such as being cheaper and faster to complete. However, that does not mean that larger quantitative projects are the answer for every type […]

Reconstructing Qualitative Insights Through AI 

Qualitative market research is a critical piece of any insights roadmap, but it is often left behind due to the methodological expertise and time-intensive analysis required by the data. However, just as the industry moved to leverage digital tools in conducting Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews (IDIs), the same should be said for the insights […]

AI as the Copilot: Practical Use Cases for Researchers 

While generative AI models are nothing new, Microsoft and OpenAI catapulted us into a new world where the practical applications for AI suddenly seem endless and available to anyone. Not only did they spark endless ideation on how to apply generative AI, but they also launched some very transparent models on how to best architect […]

Einstein in a Tiger Cage: Generative AI & Jobs to be Done

In the next 12 months, AI will be embedded into most business workflows, including expansive utilization with market research and insights. As corporate insights departments and research providers race to add AI solutions to their offerings, it’s worth considering: what makes a company adding AI to its workflow successful? Is it being the first to […]