FUEL CYCLE (https://fuelcycle.com/), the leading market research and community intelligence platform preferred by Fortune 100 enterprises, today announced the addition of new geolocation capabilities for its mobile app. With this latest enhancement to FUEL CYCLE’s suite of customer insights solutions, businesses can now unlock the power of location-based research to capture location-specific customer intelligence.

Powered by the community member’s smartphone, FUEL CYCLE’s location-based activities help brands capture in-the-moment reactions from customers as they engage and interact in the real world. Once the geo-targeting feature is triggered, brands can ask questions relevant to a location and capture the user’s impressions at the exact moment they are experiencing them—through photos, videos, surveys, and more. This process yields high-fidelity customer data that could not be acquired through any other channel. 

“With 90% of smartphone owners using location-based services, businesses have a tremendous opportunity to gather dynamic data that combines customer sentiment with actual behavior and actions,” said Bahram Nour-Omid, Chief Executive Officer at FUEL CYCLE. “As the first to offer these geolocation capabilities within a community setting, we continue to be the most mobile-centric community platform. The geolocation functionality creates new customer touchpoints that engage customers at just the right time and place, helping businesses uncover highly impactful insights that drive better business decisions.”

FUEL CYCLE’s enhanced mobile solution gives brands an effective way to engage customers and boost brand loyalty while gathering valuable customer intelligence about their own stores and those of their competitors. Industries with stores and other physical locations that customers can visit will benefit most from using geolocation services, including retail, financial services, healthcare, automotive, education, and media & entertainment.

The geo-targeting capability is managed via an elegant design that enables FUEL CYCLE admins to easily lock and unlock activities for specific users, add new locations, and offer incentives to members who unlock and participate in an activity. Customers can be surveyed about their experience while they shop, encouraged to share content, or invited to events and activities at specific locations.

FUEL CYCLE is a mobile-first market research and community intelligence platform for supercharging the relationship between brands and customers. From discussion boards and live chats to gamification and rewards management, FUEL CYCLE offers an easily customizable and robust solution for brands and businesses to build high-impact online experiences for their customers. FUEL CYCLE provides customer intelligence for organizations across industries including media & entertainment, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, automotive and technology. Brand communities powered by FUEL CYCLE include ELLE, Hertz, UPS, AIG and more.

FUEL CYCLE is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.