Insights Automation for Agile Teams 

SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 27, 2020 — Fuel Cycle, Inc., the leading Market Research Cloud, announces a new product called Ignition.   

FC Ignition is an agile insights platform for accelerating customer and employee insights by simplifying and automating research processes. Ignition’s robust toolkit enables users to rapidly innovate, assess digital advertising effectiveness, and develop deeper connections with customers and employees. Ignition extends insights capabilities beyond researchers to personas tasked with owning product, brand, customer and employee experiences.   

In an era of constant change, businesses must place customer needs at the center of decision-making. While the COVID-19-induced economic crisis has accelerated many consumer trends, changes in purchasing patterns, media consumption habits, and healthcare spending have challenged businesses to adapt for several years. Traditional insights processes often don’t support the efficiency necessary to act upon evolving changes. Ignition resolves the traditional insights challenge with a suite of solutions that enable customer insights to flow through organizations. 

Ignition has three primary components: Ad Effectiveness Measurement, FC Live, and Templated Survey Solutions. 

Ad Effectiveness Measurement | Brand marketers must assess the impact of digital brand assets across multiple measures. Ignition helps marketers respond to campaign effectiveness, adjust targets, and maximize ROI on spend. Ad effectiveness is currently available in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

FC Live – Real-time Video Interviews  | FC Live enables virtual focus groups and interviews for fast-moving product, UX, CX, and MR teams. This was previously available to Fuel Cycle Community customers and is now more widely accessible. Thousands of sessions have been conducted globally with high usability and low latency, supported by Voxpopme’s automated transcriptions. 

Templated Survey Solutions  | Ignition provides out-of-the-box, expert-crafted surveys for many needs. Marketers can gain massive efficiencies on brand tracking, HR managers can quickly identify process improvement needs, and product teams can forecast growth expectations for new market entrants. 

Additionally, Fuel Cycle is announcing minor updates to product positioning. Fuel Cycle offers Ignition, the agile insights platform, and CoRe, the continuous research platform (consisting of Communities, Panels, and Exchange). They work seamlessly together or as standalone solutions. Combined, they are the Fuel Cycle Market Research Cloud, a unified insights platform for all areas of decision-making. 

“Fuel Cycle’s primary objective is to enrich every business decision with customer insights that help leaders navigate a sea of uncertainty,” said Rick Kelly, Chief Product Officer, “To be successful, businesses need a robust toolkit that moves as quickly as the market. We believe that Ignition, along with our existing CoRe platform and partner ecosystem, delivers the agility necessary to thrive despite constant change.”  

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