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Fuel Cycle Gives Businesses Unprecedented Customer Profiling Capabilities With New Feature

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FUEL CYCLE (www.fuelcycle.com), the leading online community platform preferred by the world’s Fortune 100 enterprises, today announced a new customer profiling capability that automatically collects and integrates data from multiple sources into a single, unified data set. Called Profile Maps, the new community platform feature enables marketers and researchers to drive deeper insights, unify multiple data sources, and make better business decisions.  

Profile Maps uses an innovative process called progressive profiling to collect and knit together multiple data sources into a single source of truth. With this enhancement, users can create more robust customer profiles by unifying existing data from multiple sources like CRM systems, surveys, user account settings, and more into one dynamic solution.

FUEL CYCLE is the first to incorporate progressive profiling within a community platform to give marketers and researchers this unique functionality. Profile Maps automatically aggregates and maps together data from both internal and external sources, eliminating tedious data entry and minimizing repetitive user questions. The customer profile maps are flexible and can be used in a number of ways, including data exports, cross tabulations, and dynamic grouping.

360-Degree Customer Profiles: Marketing’s Holy Grail
Businesses today are striving to create 360-degree customer views to enable personalized engagement. FUEL CYCLE’s source-agnostic approach to progressive profiling is designed to maximize the value of fragmented customer data to give businesses access to deeper, more meaningful insights about their customers.

“Being able to create a unified and comprehensive view of customers has been a marketer’s dream,” said FUEL CYCLE CEO Bahram Nour-Omid, “Having a tool that automates the data collection and integration process for creating 360-degree profiles is icing on the cake–an enormous benefit for marketers and researchers alike. Using these profiling capabilities will enable brands to make faster, more accurate business decisions.”

Adds Valuable Functionality, Eliminates Manual Tasks
Businesses typically gather valuable profile information from many places and manually combine the data into one user profile, which can take massive amounts of time. Profile Maps eliminates the need to manually map the profile data, as well as the exhausting process of dealing with duplicate data, making the data collection and verification process much easier. The result is seamless user profiles that always contain the most relevant data.

Users can access Profile Maps in the Members section of the FUEL CYCLE online community platform and target members more dynamically based on the most relevant and current profile data. This enables researchers to surface the most useful insights, and marketers to create the most personalized and engaging customer experiences, all of which contribute to driving the business forward.  

FUEL CYCLE is a mobile-first community platform for supercharging the relationship between brands and customers. From discussion boards and live chats to gamification and rewards management, FUEL CYCLE offers an easily customizable and robust solution for brands and businesses to build high-impact online experiences for their customers. FUEL CYCLE provides customer intelligence for organizations across industries including media & entertainment, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, automotive and technology. Brand communities powered by FUEL CYCLE include ELLE, Hertz, UPS, AIG and more.

FUEL CYCLE is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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