FC Live

In-the-moment video focus groups and user interviews

FC Live is an enterprise-grade online focus group and in-depth interview solution for frictionless connections between people and brands. FC Live expands the qualitative research capabilities of teams by dramatically simplifying the process of hosting virtual focus groups and interviews across the globe.

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Video conferencing is not enough

Are you manually scheduling sessions and respondents? Are you moderating and note-taking at the same time? If so, you’re missing insights and wasting valuable time.
FC Live is a purpose-built solution designed for enterprise-quality qualitative research. Now, you can focus on participant experience and let the technology take care of everything else.

Expect more from Live

FC Live rapidly increases the volume of rich data received from customers, prospects, and product users during online focus groups and user interviews. And its simple mobile interface makes reaching out as easy as a few taps.

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Create and schedule online focus groups and interviews in just minutes

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Participate from mobile laptop, or desktop ​

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Record sessions for automated transcription and sentiment analysis​

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Deliver insights to decision-makers faster than ever before

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Reach hard-to-reach audiences

Less than 12% of the U.S. population can easily visit a research facility. Digital mobile qualitative isn’t just a convenient new way to collect consumer data, it is also one of the most viable solutions for improving representation in research.

Take your exploratory research to new depths

Traditional qualitative research methods can sometimes yield inaccurate results, especially when conducted in unnatural environments like a lab or focus group facility. FC Live enables participants to take part in research from the comfort of anywhere, which results in more candid conversations and accurate data.

an image of a laptop with the screen showing the interface of the FC Live
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Designed for researchers, by researchers

Popular video conferencing solutions are about as effective as video taping an in-person interview or focus group. With easy scheduling, automated sentiment analysis, time encoded notes, and a private “backroom” for stakeholder conversations, Live is the #1 online interview tool designed for researchers.