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FastFocus Overview 

FastFocus is powered by Prediction Market Science, enabling brands and enterprises to quickly evaluate new product concepts, marketing messaging, designs, strategic platforms, and more. Through a mobile-first interface, respondents are given a set of competing ideas to consider and a fixed amount of virtual currency to spend. It’s an engaging experience that takes only minutes to complete. Because it emulates a real-world decision-making experience, FastFocus helps researchers understand what respondents will do, not just what they think. Using this rich feedback, researchers can quickly identify which idea, from any set of options, has the best chance of success in the marketplace. 

Fuel Cycle + FastFocus, Together 

A FastFocus study can be launched in Fuel Cycle through an activity, where community members can seamlessly access the study. Fuel Cycle will automatically transmit any related P2 Engine, allowing you to filter and segment your results within reporting dashboards. 

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