“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. … It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.” -Ruth Bader Ginsburg

International Women’s Day on March 8th celebrates the achievements of women across the globe, raises awareness about bias, and encourages equality for all. Though women’s rights issues continue to persist even in 2021, we are hopeful about the future due to the growing number of inspiring women in market research leadership roles.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to highlight five amazing women in market research. Like these women, you can update your company by staying current with the most recent market research trends.

1. Kerry Hecht, Founder & CEO Of Echo MR

According to seasoned market researcher Kerry Hecht, “As leaders, we empower those around us, and often dictate the topics, issues, and initiatives that get airtime in our industry.”

As the founder and CEO of Echo MR, Kerry leads her organization with a commitment to positive social change. The Social Justice Research Department within Echo MR was created to understand the attitudes towards police reform and messaging around ‘Defund the Police’. With 25 years of market research experience, Kerry is truly an inspiration to women researchers everywhere.

2. Kristi Zuhlke, CEO Of KnowledgeHound

Kristi Zuhlke got her start as a researcher at a company you’ve likely heard of: Procter & Gamble. Now she is the CEO of KnowledgeHound which allows market teams to unify, search across, and analyze all of their survey data in one place. KnowledgeHound’s mission is to change the way people think about data. Krisit Zuhlke is truly a leader in the industry.

3. Sarah Kotva, Executive VP of Fieldwork

Sarah Kotva is a veteran of market research having been longtime member of the Market Research Association (now Insights Association) and former President of the Chicago Chapter in addition to her primary role as Executive Vice President of Fieldwork for 20 years. As market research strategies and needs have shifted over time she has helped her firm pivot so that they can continue providing value to clients all over the country. Amazing work, Sarah Kotva!

4. Jessica Batty, VP of Marketing at Prodege

All of the women in market research inspire us, and Jessica Batty is no different. This forward thinking researcher serves as Vice President of Marketing at Prodege, LLC where leads an all-female department or marketers. With a focus on empowered leadership, we know that Batty has a bright future ahead.

5. Christina Jenkins, Global Business Marketing at Twitter

After launching her market research career at LinkedIn, Christina Jenkins shifted to become a Global Business Marketing Executive at Twitter. In addition to her career success, Jenkins is also a supportive mentor for other women in research as a board member of WIRe (Women In Research). She encourages women researchers through meetings, mentorships and educational opportunities. We are so happy to see women supporting other women in research. Kudos to Christina Jenkins!

Market Research Moving Forward

As market research evolves, it is essential to keep up with the latest advancements in technology, leadership, and strategy. To stay current with the latest trends, check out our infographic on the future of market research in 2021.

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