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Boost Your Marketing with Powerful People-Based Activation

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Defining your target audience is one of the business’s most important tasks. It is the foundation of every element of your strategy – from how you develop and name products or services, the type of messaging you use to reach customers, to the marketing channels you use to promote them. 

The more you understand your target market, the better you’ll be able to reach them with relevant offerings, content, and messaging. As your depth of audience insight grows, you’ll begin to see higher conversion rates and better ROI. 

Defining Target Audiences with Market Research 

The more clearly you define your target audience, the better you can understand how and where to reach your best prospects. You can start with broad categories like age and gender, but the more detailed you can get, the better conversion rates you’ll see. 

No matter how deeply you identify with your audience, your true target market should be based on market research, not an instinct. Armed with solutions like continuous research and agile insights technology, you need to be willing to learn as you go, adapt on the fly, and pursue paths of outreach that may even go against your initial “gut feelings.” 

A Tool for Targeting: 0ptimus Analytics LLC 

Since its founding in 2013, 0ptimus Analytics has been at the forefront of innovation developing connected data approaches to leveraging market research and insight, data science, predictive analytics, and proprietary software platform solutions to identify the right people and the right messages to drive brand growth.   

0ptimus helps clients create demand, drive conversion and improve results by transforming first-party customer intelligence and consumer insight from survey panels, online communities, loyalty programs, and continuous research into bespoke first-party people-based audiences for media, marketing and CRM activation at scale. 

Fuel Cycle’s Partnership with 0ptimus Analytics 

Fuel Cycle’s partnership with 0ptimus Analytics gives users the power to transform first party customer intelligence and consumer insight from Fuel Cycle survey panels and online communities into bespoke first party people-based audiences for activation at scale via addressable media, marketing and CRM activation. 

Plain and simple, the partnership allows Fuel Cycle clients to leverage data science and technology that is singularly focused on transforming insight on how people think, feel and act into predictive models and people-based audiences for activation at scale.   

What Are the Benefits? 

There are countless potential outcomes for users who leverage both solutions together for more powerful data gathering. Here are some specific use cases:  

  • Increase the ROI of Insights – Transform first-party research, intelligence, and insight on brand preference, perception, motivation, feedback, purchase drivers, etc. into first-party audiences for activation at scale. 
  • Activate Consumer Segmentation – Convert discrete segments of strategically important consumers into scaled, activation-ready people-based audiences. 
  • Optimize Product Launches – Support new product launches with Precision Audiences to drive loyalty, and Targeted Reach Audiences to drive trial. 
  • Reduce Acquisition Costs – Differentiate target consumers from non-target consumers; divest spending on Non-Target Populations and invest spending on Best Prospect Audiences. 
  • Engage Creative and Media Colleagues – Inform the development of creative marketing collateral with insights gathered from richly profiled, activation-ready first-party audiences. 

How Does it Work? 

Users can match Fuel Cycle survey panel, online community and continuous research response data to 0ptimus National Consumer File data, to build predictive models and to scale bespoke first-party people-based audiences for activation. 0ptimus uses proven scientific modeling algorithms, testing and scoring methodologies – powered by 0ptimus’ first-party data and delivered with full model performance transparency and rich audience insights.  

Fuel Cycle clients then own the bespoke first-party people-based audiences 0ptimus builds for them and can activate them whenever, wherever, as often as desired for a single fixed rate fee. 

In Sum 

Fuel Cycle’s partnership with 0ptimus is based on the understanding that the future of market research lies in the ability to tie stated preferences with real, observable behavioral data. The joining of our powers will help businesses enhance marketing ROI and even uncover new potential revenue sources.

“Together with Fuel Cycle, we’re amplifying the business impact of customer intelligence for brands by transforming high-impact customer insight into bespoke, scaled, people-based audiences for activation. The result is one-of-a-kind, direct-from-insights audiences that deliver better consumer experiences and drive sustained brand growth.”  

Katie Casavant, President of 0ptimus Analytics

To learn how your company can harness the potent targeting capabilities of the Fuel Cycle and 0ptimus Analytics partnership, get in touch

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