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New Fuel Cycle Product Enhancements: Qualitative-to-Quantitative Analysis

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One of the trickiest bits of running qualitative research is the analysis. While quantitative research spits out clean, ready-to-share statistics, qualitative insights are a little, well, messier.

And that’s precisely why we’ve made several product enhancements to the Fuel Cycle Market Research Cloud between January-April 2020. These enhancements were developed with the same ethos that drives everything we do: to help accelerate insights and action across brand, product, customer, and employee experiences for our customers.

Qual-to-Quant Capabilities

One specific release of note is Fuel Cycle’s new qual-to-quant capabilities available to insights communities. 

“Businesses in every industry are faced with increased need for fast-moving, highly-efficient insights. Qualitative, unstructured data like forum comments and photos are some of the richest sources of insight, but go underutilized because they can be complex and laborious to analyze. Our most recent major enhancement eliminates that complexity.” 

Eran Gilad, CEO, Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle’s new qualitative reporting features automatically structure and quantify text from discussion boards, community member forums, and synchronous live chats. Plus, patterns can be defined automatically or manually. In other words, researchers can utilize tagging and codeframes created either by machine learning algorithms or human analysts.

Additionally, bar charts and word clouds with frequencies and profiling data are available immediately and can condense the analysis of thousands of comments from a days-long process down to minutes. 

What Else is New?

Other recent updates that help insights professionals accelerate research processes and improve customer-centricity include: 

  • Activity templates: New survey activity templates within Fuel Cycle communities reduce time to publish activities by over 80%. 
  • Uninfluenced comments: Users can prevent community members from viewing discussion forum posts until they answer a prompt, reducing the potential for bias. 
  • SMS campaigns: Fuel Cycle users can create SMS campaigns for their community members that work in most countries throughout the world. SMS campaigns complement existing email and push notification campaigns available on Fuel Cycle. 
  • Updated mobile app experience: Dozens of enhancements have been delivered to Fuel Cycle’s mobile apps, including improved onboarding, communication, and user interactions. 

Timing is Everything

These enhancements to the FC Market Research Cloud have come during a period where Fuel Cycle’s utilization has increased by 42% since December 2019 and its Net Promoter Score has achieved new heights (+80) during Q1 2020. In addition, FC Exchange, the insights marketplace, is on track to nearly triple revenue for the full 2020 calendar year and now has 43 partners. 

To put it plainly, we aren’t a company that rests on our laurels. As the demand for our solutions increases, we’re upping our game to give customers even more.

“We make regular enhancements to our software to deliver constant additional value to Fuel Cycle customers. Everything we do is intended to help our clients move quickly, navigate change, and stay focused on customer and employee needs. We’re so grateful for the continued support of our clients and partners.” 

Rick Kelly, CPO, Fuel Cycle

The updates made are part of a strategy to support our customers with the ever-growing demand for customer insights. We serve teams across industries including healthcare, financial services, consumer packaged goods, media, retail, and technology to help them access deeper customer data.

In the conversation below, Fuel Cycle’s Chief Product Officer, Rick Kelly and VP of Marketing, Setareh Motamedi discuss how the new features enable users to take unstructured insights from discussion boards, forums, focus groups and live chats and in near real-time identify patterns, themes, and topics to speed up insights and efficiency.

For more information about how Fuel Cycle can accelerate your organization’s insights process, drop us a line.

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