Having data on your customer base is important, as it provides the foundation for how you communicate with them. Even more so, integrating customer data into your customer experience (CX) research is imperative for reaching maximum insights potential. That’s where progressive profiling comes in.

Progressive Profiling 101 

What is progressive profiling? Progressive profiling allows you to have a single source of truth for all your customer data. It ensures you have the most up-to-date information, allows you to collect, store, and review data over time, and best of all, automatically combine multiple sources so you never have to worry about redundancy or inconsistency. 

Benefits of Progressive Profiling 

We get it, you have a lot of great questions you want to ask your customers! Keep in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm or fatigue them by asking all those questions at once or repeating the questions you’d already asked in the past. Progressive profiling eases the burden on everyone as businesses can gradually build up a rich customer insights database over time.

Progressive profiling isn’t limited to basic demographic questions. Of course, you’ll want to track Age, Gender, Location, HH Income, etc., but the right progressive profiling technology makes it easy to update dynamic questions as well. Questions with answers that are likely to change, such as what car model a customer owns or when they last went to the doctor, are easily kept updated.

As you build your progressive profiling story, you will unlock rich insights, personalize the customer’s experience from data you’ve already collected, and discover trends that you might have missed if the customer data was still scattered across different sources. 

Progressive Profiling Technology: P2 Engine  

The P2 Engine is Fuel Cycle’s solution to progressive profiling. With the P2 Engine, users can create profile points that marry customer data from anywhere to members’ individual profiles, just with the click of a button. The P2 Engine collects, consolidates, and unifies customer profiling data from multiple sources, including:

  • Surveys
  • CRM platforms
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • File uploads
  • Behavioral sources
  • Quick Polls

Any of these sources can feed into one profile point and users can add new sources at any time for the most up to date information on members.

Once the profile points are created, their functionality can be applied in a variety of ways. For instance, they can be pushed out to various survey providers or other MR tools to allow for more targeted research, deeper analysis and even to highlight differences among audiences.

Within the platform, users can invite segmented groups built off profile points to participate in exclusive activities, without ever alerting the larger community. Profile points can even be added to the customizable in-platform reporting feature to get a more holistic view of members.

How Fuel Cycle Users Leverage the P2 Engine to Integrate Customer Data  

The possibilities within the P2 Engine and progressive profiling are virtually limitless. Our customers – some of the biggest brands across a wide range of industries – have discovered their own best way of leveraging Fuel Cycle’s progressive profiling technology to meet their needs and exceed their goals.

Here are a few examples of how brands use the P2 Engine to leverage their customer data:


One national healthcare insurer uses the P2 Engine to take a closer look at survey responses based on their five different healthcare plans. This allows the insurer to pick up on nuances between the plans so they can identify at-risk groups during the pandemic or send them proper information on a benefit of their plan they may not be aware of. 


When a leading American telecommunications company set up their community, they didn’t want to bother asking their respondents basic questions they already had the answers to, like device type and account tenure. By linking their existing customer data to the P2 Engine, they were able to bypass this repetitive task and invite iPhone users or specific plan types to certain research activities in a streamlined fashion, saving everybody time.


For technology clients, like Google, having the most up to date information on their members is crucial. Members in this community undergo a semiannual profile update, and rather than having records of old data floating around, the P2 Engine automatically updates all profile points with the latest survey data. A people-focused internet company that innovates at the speed of light needs CX tools that keep pace.

Wrap Up 

The P2 Engine’s applications go beyond what’s described above. Fuel Cycle users leverage it for separating respondents to smoothly run five sub-communities in one, do advanced segmentation, and more, all in one platform that automatically integrates customer data to maximize insight relevance and validity. 

For more information about Fuel Cycle’s advanced progressive profiling technology, speak to an expert today.