Conducting market research on mobile devices comes with a unique set of challenges – optimizing display sizes, increased chances of survey fatigue, and a world of distractions on the same device, to name a few. That’s why it’s time to begin rethinking how we deliver market research projects to mobile users and how to create research environments that are not so far removed from how consumers spend much of their time today.  

Fuel Cycle is very proud to share the newest research activity available in the Research Engine: Insight Reels! This mobile-only option creates a social experience out of traditional qualitative knowledge gathering rooted in familiar, engaging behaviors. 

Why Do We Need Insight Reels? 

Customer data shows that community members with Fuel Cycle are overall more engaged with one another, the topics at hand, and the responses they provide when on mobile. 

On average, research run via the Fuel Cycle mobile app garners: 

  • 23% increase in propensity to comment 
  • 20% increase in community logins 
  • 50% more time spent in the community v. desktop 

So, we already know that the average community member prefers mobile over desktop and that it positively impacts the activities being run. Leveraging that existing behavior into new, exciting forms of communication not only drives innovation but removes friction that might prevent a member from participating in an activity. 

What Is It and How Does It Work? 

The Insight Reels research activity creates a call-and-response environment where moderators can pose a question and community members can stitch a reply with their own feedback, something we see commonly across the social media landscape today. Infused with artificial intelligence for further verification and research rigor, Insight Reels operate like many other qualitative research methods but provide more flexibility for participants to respond on their schedule and choose what format they are most comfortable with. 

Key functions include: 

  • Community moderators can launch activities with a video description, such as “What holiday shopping trends are you most excited to see this season?” 
  • Members can reply with a comment, much like leaving one on Instagram 
  • Members can also reply with a video response of their own, akin to the Duet function on TikTok 

Additional Benefits 

In addition to this innovative delivery method, Insight Reels can be combined with many other Fuel Cycle features that seek to optimize the research being done via mobile, such as: 

  • Geolocation to capture in-the-moment feedback and location-based insights 
  • Mobile ethnographies, focus groups/IDIs 
  • Alert via push notifications 

This latest release is another step in Fuel Cycle’s dedication to embracing AI and leading the pack when it comes to how the market research industry is evolving alongside the larger population it seeks to communicate with. If you’re ready to begin exploring MRx created for the world today, contact us to learn more.