Meet Margaret. Margaret is the VP of Insights at a large CPG company. She loves her job and worked hard to scale the ranks from analyst to department leader. She’s seen countless ebbs and flows of internal support for insights departments over the years and has learned to value tools and integrations that help research teams do more than less. So, she’s always measuring new solutions by how well they deliver automation and scalability. 

Margaret has the best problem an insights leader can have – too much demand. Internal clients from multiple departments across the company (including web design, marketing, and R&D) are constantly requesting projects with Margaret and her team to dig up insights that will help them build more customer-focused products and experiences.  

Her lean team of managers and analysts have been working hard to keep up with demand and enjoy being relied upon as trusted consultants, but she can tell they’re headed for burnout. They’ve expressed to her that while they love the deep-thinking work and helping their internal clients make informed, data-backed decisions, they aren’t so fond of the mundane, day-to-day tasks like survey programing and data cleaning that consume time and resources.  

The insights team’s current toolkit requires a lot of hands-on effort and they are constantly having to navigate data integrations between multiple vendors. Leaning on so many different 3rd parties slows their workflow and as a result, her team is trapped in a loop of reactivity (rather than proactivity). These days, it seems like every new project that comes in threatens to clog the pipeline.  

With her team always working at max capacity, Margaret knows she needs to find a more streamlined solution for insights automation and scalability. If she doesn’t (and fast), the value her team provides to the rest of the organization will start to suffer. So, she starts calling around, does some Googling, and comes across Ignition, an agile insights platform from Fuel Cycle, an experience management technology company she remembers from a conference, one that a fellow colleague also uses.  

Margaret checks out Ignition online. 

Ignitionthe agile insights platform designed to help organizations move quickly to deliver incredible products, optimize brand presence, and connect with customers & employees faster than ever before. 

A quick scan of the page checks all the boxes Margaret usually keeps her eyes peeled for. 

  • Flexible and customizable?  


  • Easy integration into current workflow and toolkit?  


Scanning further down the page, Margaret finds that Fuel Cycle Ignition meets certain needs she had not considered. 

  • Can be used with Customer Lists, Employee Groups, FC Panels, and FC Communities 

so, I can reach pretty much any audience with this platform. 

the marketing team will love this. 

  • Supports automated trackers and market sizing  

this will give my team back at least one week’s worth of hours per quarter. 

  • No insights experience required. 

This last bullet makes Margaret pause. No insights experience required… “what does that mean?”   

After a bit of digging, Margaret discovers that Ignition provides upwards of a dozen expert-designed survey templates spanning a wide range of use cases that would apply to the needs of her current internal clients as well as areas of the business her team simply hasn’t had the bandwidth to support.  

With Ignition, Margaret realizes, teams across the organization can start running their own customized research. FC Live will allow her team to run virtual focus groups and IDI’s with expert capabilities designed by actual researchers. Plus, with the inclusion of FC Analytics, they can visualize both quantitative and qualitative data into easily digestible formats to deliver to their leaders and stakeholders, totally DIY (Do It Yourself). 

Additionally, Margaret had previously implemented digital timesheet tracking for her team and she knows that her researchers spend 10+ hours per week on survey programming and data cleaning alone. Using Ignition would cut that down significantly, freeing up the rest for more interesting and impactful work.  

Margaret doesn’t wait another beat. She gets a demo booked for the following day. 

After just two weeks of using Ignition and socializing internal clients to the tool, here’s what happened for Margaret and her team: 

  • The Insights team seems lighter and happier. 
  • They’ve already had a chance to put their minds together toward this quarter’s biggest broader business challenge and identified key insights that had previously been overlooked.  
  • Because of this, they’ve earned a seat at the next executive leadership meeting to share the findings.  

If Margaret’s search for insights automation and scalability resonates with you or someone you know, reach out. Ignition was created to bring the power of agile insights to everyone, because we at Fuel Cycle believe everyone should have access to insight.  

Increasing pressure on businesses to deliver top-notch product, customer, brand, and employee experiences means that experience management research is no longer an option. It’s a must. Learn how Ignition can fit into your team’s current workflow and start running better, faster research now.