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Psychographic Segmentation in Marketing

Long gone are the days of one-size-fits-all, mass marketing techniques. Today’s marketing is all about personalization. Customers want more personalized shopping experiences, marketing messages, and

What is market testing?

One thing we know about any launch is that it comes with a boatload of different test phases. Sure, we do it to mitigate risk,

How to Conduct an In-Depth Interview

In-depth interviews are a great way for researchers to gather rich, qualitative data from key respondents. They’re typically used as a standalone research method, or

Up Your Ante With Agile

Every organization aspires to be at the top of their industry. It won’t surprise you that the companies that climb those coveted ranks excel by

What Is Unstructured Data?

When it comes to data analysis, there are two types of data that are processed by researchers: structured data and unstructured data. While structured data

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