Enhanced Solution from Fuel Cycle Positions it as the Premier All-in-One Platform for Market Research 

Research platform leader expands product offering to give faster, better, and higher quality insights to client research

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – May 10, 2022 –  Fuel Cycle, Inc. today announced the customer preview of Ignition Research & Insights Solutions (Ignition Solutions), a recently enhanced self-service solution that provides seamless research services, including qualitative and quantitative research.  

Fuel Cycle customers — such as market researchers, UX researchers, product managers, and marketers — can now leverage Ignition Solutions to generate fast and actionable insights, covering almost all possible use cases. This includes product experience, brand experience, market insights, ad insights, and digital experience. For example, a product manager can use Ignition Solutions’ Feature Prioritization methodology to automatically help product leaders identify critical features for their customer base while having access to a suite of concept, logo, creative, and packaging testing solutions.

Ignition Solutions provides fast, actionable insights through a suite of agile market research applications. It includes robust methodologies with customizable survey templates, rapid data collection, and advanced automated analytics. 

“Today’s complex business environment requires leaders to translate customer insights into action quickly. Most research processes cannot deliver insights that are simultaneously timely, affordable, and intelligent,” said Rick Kelly, chief product officer at Fuel Cycle. “Fuel Cycle’s objective is to make customer insights the lifeblood of businesses everywhere by making it more accessible. Our updated Ignition Solutions enable anyone — from researcher to non-researcher — to gather actionable intelligence via an easy-to-use interface, thus supporting increased business agility.” 

Fuel Cycle’s Fortune 500 customers can purchase subscriptions to its Market Research Cloud platform, which now includes Ignition Solutions in addition to CoRe research community, FC Live focus groups, Fuel Cycle Exchange Marketplace, and on-demand panels.  

Fuel Cycle customers can get started with the new Ignition Solutions preview within the Fuel Cycle platform. To learn more, visit    

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