Quantitative research, and especially the gathering of performance data on brands, concepts, advertisements, or other stimuli, is essential for companies to understand how current and potential customers feel about an existing category or new idea. However all too often, organizations make decisions based on this data without truly understanding what changes will actually make a difference and how it will impact their brand. 

Attributable Effects is a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of interpreting performance data and provides actionable recommendations on how to make the most impact to your business. Whether more deeply understanding current attitudes and behaviors or assessing potential future behaviors in relation to product innovation or marketing communications, AE mitigates uncertainty and directs you toward the most high-value next steps in the process.  

Download the white paper to discover: 

  • How AE takes uncontextualized performance data and translates it into actionable takeaways 
  • How AE contributes to foresight work by determining current and potential future key drivers  
  • The benefits of using a single method to improve both customer acquisition and retention