Replacing traditional methods in research can require a lot of stakeholder buy-in and sometimes the benefits of implementing a new tool don’t always outweigh the costs. This is particularly true when working with Qualitative methodologies that are often seen as a huge undertaking— and are regularly outsourced to third-party agencies. But now automated Qualitative research technologies have made strides to allow for researchers to incorporate easy-to-use and integrative solutions into their workflows.

On March 12th the Fuel Cycle team, Senior Research Manager, Jennifer Galamba, Product Manager, Brandon Lee, and Solutions Consultant, Elana LaDue, discussed how state-of-the-art video technologies can capture and structure qualitative data so that researchers from novice to expert can quickly analyze and gather insights from qualitative data with speed, consistency, and ease.

This webinar explores:

  • Unpacking the current cost and time that traditional qual research requires
  • The investable shift that market research is taking toward automated tools
  • How organizations can seamlessly implement qual tools into their workflows

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