The world of media & entertainment has been turned upside down by the pandemic and everything that has come along with it. Market research professionals in the industry are being tasked with predicting the future – without a crystal ball to speak of. But just because we’re crystal ball-less doesn’t mean we can’t portend what lies ahead.  

Join the conversation with Fuel Cycle’s media research experts, Jae Hauser, Sr. Director of Research & Insights and John Anderson, Director of Customer Success to unpack: 

  • How the pandemic catalyzed the transition to subscription-based media consumption, why it was inevitable, and what it means for the future of entertainment 
  • The questions market researchers in media & entertainment are asking to anticipate future trends in viewer loyalty, purchase decisions, and viewing behaviors 
  • How multi-generational homes are negotiating the proverbial remote and making subscription decisions based on what is best for the whole family