From the effectiveness of political campaigns to Apple’s success, creating a differentiated customer experience is what ultimately leads CPG, retail and eCommerce brands to design, develop, and launch products that fly off the eShelves. The common denominator among such successes: product research. The key to a failsafe strategy is making decisions based on quantitative and qualitative data from your users with near real-time feedback.  

Join Fast Focus and Fuel Cycle to learn how mature brands are incorporating their consumers into the creative lifecycle, leveraging research and insights from their communities, and utilizing virtual focus groups to create future-ready strategies to ensure long-term success.  

In just 30-minutes, attendees will learn: 

  • Best in class Maturity Models, why they matter and what winning looks like 
  • The Mobile Image Maturity Model and optimizing product images for the mobile customer 
  • Must have research tools and methods to achieve a competitive advantage