When King’s Hawaiian first launched their customer community, The Ohana Circle in October 2019, they had measured expectations. It was treated like a novelty and used primarily for conducting surveys. But over time and with expanded use, successfully running high priority research projects with various Fuel Cycle partner solutions, the community has garnered a pipeline of project requests from teams across the organization. The research team at King’s Hawaiian took a trial & error approach to all aspects of their community – from tools and integrations, to projects and methods – which led to golden discoveries, valuable research contributions, and tremendous internal regard.

Join us in a conversation with Troy Figgins, Head of Consumer Insights at King’s Hawaiian and Eric Avissar, Sr. Customer Success Associate at Fuel Cycle to explore the elements that led to the Ohana Circle community’s success.

Key takeaways:
• The risk vs. reward factor in maximizing the return potential of online communities
• How both consistency & diversity lead to more engaged customers and stakeholders
• Examples and outcomes of projects run with FCX technology integrations