Your customers are the greatest source of learning. Listen to a conversation with top experts in the field, Fuel Cycle’s Chief Product Officer, Rick Kelly and Community Expert, Jono Bacon, as they discuss the importance of leaning on your network of customers, how to gather their expertise, and build a feedback mechanism that rewards everyone.  

After listening to this webinar webinar you’ll walk away knowing:  

  • How customer feedback can be enormously valuable within the context of product/market fit, onboarding and other key areas of product design.  
  • How research and insight can be used to help prioritize new product areas based on consumer patterns, psychological science, market trends and more. 
  • How to effectively segment your audience and solicit the most valuable feedback based on need and function.  
  • How to take this customer feedback and input and integrate it into your product development road map. 
  • How to create a feedback loop that will enable your customers to see the fruits of their input in your product, be rewarded and develop a closer relationship.