Breakthrough Brand Insights

a photo of a stone being hit by the wave by the sea with the seawater splashing

New consumers have new needs. A deeper understanding of evolving consumer values plays a critical role in the brand position and bringing new consumer targets to life. Growth must come from not only understanding consumer market changes that are on the horizon but what will actually work in the future. This meeting showcases how brand researchers are upgrading their toolbox in getting at the heart of today’s consumers.

  • Exploring and exploiting both traditional and non-traditional methodologies
  • Unboxing the magic of 3rd party data
  • Grappling with the current and coming privacy standards and regulations
  • Providing a path forward for the organization to ensure consistent breakthrough insights

Author: Kalyn Stockman

Kalyn Stockman is a Marketing Manager at Fuel Cycle, where she leads the social media and content strategy. With a degree in Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of the...