Decision-makers across teams are consistently challenged to prioritize the bigger picture. But it can be a challenge to align on the larger initiatives when each team is leveraging different toolkits and data sources to do their jobs and back their logic. Orchestrating harmonious, interdepartmental strategy requires a lot of heavy lifting – without the proper tools.   

In this session, discover how the use of continuous research technology can mobilize organizational strategy. Join Fuel Cycle VP, Polly Speros, Account Director, Elana LaDue, and Associate Director of Research & Insights, Kevin Lubin in a conversation about the amazing work you can accomplish with a branded customer community.   

Key takeaways: 

  • The benefits of a branded customer community for multiple stakeholders including Product, Customer Experience, Brand & Marketing, and more 
  • What’s possible when one platform provides the path for any project – from brand health and product development, to user experience and pricing 
  • Real-world examples and best practices from leading brands that leverage their customer communities to inform decisions big and small