Market Research Pain Points – Media & Entertainment

While Media & Entertainment is a huge industry, with annual revenue of $1.7 trillion, involving multiple sectors including film, television, video games, music, publishing, and more, the industry is in a state of flux. The digital revolution has transformed every aspect of the industry, from how content is produced and distributed to how consumers consume […]

Emerging Trends in Media Consumption

Global media consumption has changed dramatically in recent years. The widespread availability of disruptive technologies and services has fundamentally shifted the ways that viewers think about, engage with, and create content.  In order to align with industry changes, media and entertainment companies need to adapt quickly and find new ways to improve audience experiences. Download our newest white paper to discover:  ? The pre-existing trends that signaled early shifts in the media and entertainment […]

The State of Media and Entertainment

Read on to discover: Imagine that it’s 1999, you are eight years old and looking forward to a movie and pizza night with your best friend. You convince your parents to take you to Blockbuster so that you can rent “10 Things I Hate About You” and buy some jolly rancher lollipops with a liter […]