How Market Research Supports Top Banking Focuses in 2023

How will recent challenges impact banking in 2023? How will increased prices influence retail banking behavior? How will fintech innovations change the way banks interact with customers? And most importantly, where should your bank place its focus to capitalize on these trends as they develop? To answer those questions, we first have to spot the […]

How Community Can Benefit the Banking Industry in the Impending Recession

During economic downturns, banks must remain connected to their customers and communities to provide financial support and stability to individuals and businesses. Building strong online community ties is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. This article will explore how banks can use online communities to make connections and the robust benefits communities […]

Market Research For The Banking Industry

Recessions affect businesses in all sectors; however, banks and other financial institutions are hit hardest when the economy is in turmoil. Economic hardship results in high-interest rates, inflation, and a lack of consumer spending and confidence. To stay afloat, banks need to convert and retain customers, which can increase profitability by 25% to 95%. Community […]