Benchmark User Experience

Enhance User Experience with System Usability Scale

Measure and optimize the usability of your systems to drive increased customer value, and enhance their experience and satisfaction.

Measure overall usability and performance

The System Usability Scale (SUS) is a valuable tool for researching user experience (UX). With SUS, you receive an overall system usability score that is graded and benchmarked against industry standards. 

Additionally, SUS provides performance for individual performance metrics, allowing you to identify specific areas of improvement. Evaluate the ease of making a purchase on your website, the usability of your client portal, or the user-friendliness of your software or physical product.

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Comprehensive assessment with SUS survey questions

The SUS survey includes (10) levels of agreement questions and (2) open-ended follow-ups, designed to capture user perceptions and feedback. From assessing frequency of use to gauging ease of use and the need for technical support, SUS covers various aspects of system usability. 

Open-ended questions allow users to provide specific insights on why they would or would not use the system frequently and describe key challenges they faced. Gain a deeper understanding of user experiences and identify areas for improvement.

Data-driven insights and themed word clouds

Receive valuable insights to enhance your user experience and benchmark your SUS score against industry standards. Performance scores for individual questions allow you to pinpoint areas that require attention. 

Themed word clouds and key verbatims offer qualitative feedback, highlighting common themes and specific user sentiments. This data-driven approach empowers you to optimize your systems and enhance user satisfaction.

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