Fuel Cycle announces new logo and brand messaging to reflect the mission of Igniting Action through Insights. 

SANTA MONICA, Calif., September 29th, 2021 – Fuel Cycle Inc., the leading market research cloud for Fortune 500 companies, announces the launch of its new brand identity and mission to Ignite Action through Insights. This evolution is a first stride in what will be a series of exciting updates from Fuel Cycle, all designed to meet the growing insights needs of today’s businesses. 

“We embarked on a brand redesign that positions Fuel Cycle, and its suite of consumer intelligence products and services, as the premier partner to marquees brands. The logo encapsulates the purpose behind our new product portfolio and conveys the mission that makes Fuel Cycle unique: Ignite Action through Insights.”   

Eran Gilad, CEO, Fuel Cycle

As the need for market research grows, and the space becomes increasingly saturated, Fuel Cycle continues to stand out as the solution of choice for brands. With its industry-leading online community platform, the value of Fuel Cycle goes beyond the research department to streamline strategic processes and empower data-backed decision-making for teams across the businesses. 

The Fuel Cycle brand evolution follows recent innovations to their product offerings. With a critically growing demand for digital research capabilities, Fuel Cycle offers its customers a range of insights solutions to be used across Product, Brand, Customer, and Digital Experience Teams: 

  • Online Insights Communities to continuously engage prospects, customers, & users
  • Video Interviews and Focus Groups to engage any audience, anywhere 
  • Agile Insights Solutions for automated research and advanced analytics 
  • Product User Testing for always-on digital product feedback 
  • Partner Exchange, Fuel Cycle’s integrated technology ecosystem 
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Reporting for real-time reporting and analytics 

Fuel Cycle’s dedication to Igniting Action through Insights stems from its core values of customer obsession, team before self, extreme impact, and endless curiosity. While the manifestation of its mission and values evolve to meet changing customer needs, the organization remains constant in its commitment to unleash the potential of insights for legendary brands. 

About Fuel Cycle: Fuel Cycle’s award-winning Market Research Cloud is the most comprehensive intelligence gathering ecosystem that exists today. Our platform enables decision-makers to maintain constant connections with their customers, prospects, and users to uncover real-world actionable intelligence. By integrating human insight with critical business data, and through automated quantitative and qualitative research solutions, Fuel Cycle’s Market Research Cloud powers product innovation, brand intelligence, and enhanced user experience. Breakthroughs require action. We built Fuel Cycle to ignite it. For more information, visit: fuelcycle.com