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Passenger Announces FUEL BOT, Allowing Brands To Automate Insight Gathering With Mobile Chat Sessions

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New ChatBot Feature Enhances Customer Insights Capability, Providing Brands with Deeper Intelligence into Audience Sentiment

LOS ANGELES – Passenger, a global enterprise-grade community provider that offers companies a 360-degree view of the customer journey, today announced FUEL BOT, a new product in its FUEL CYCLE family of solutions. FUEL BOT is a chatbot that allows brands to engage with customers in a more interactive and natural format via their mobile devices through conversational interactions with a pre-programmed bot. This allows brands to gather feedback with minimal interruption to the customer.

“FUEL BOT is a true game-changer in the manner in which brands can engage customers and gather insights,” said Bahram Nour-Omid, Chief Executive Officer. “We are the first solution to allow this level of customer intimacy and knowledge. We’re excited to bring FUEL BOT to our customers, as it will allow them to gather deeper, richer insights into what their audiences are thinking and greatly enhance the FUEL CYCLE family of products.”

“FUEL BOT is easy to use and is developed on our own platform, with researchers in mind, so there is no need for the development of custom code or need to leverage third-party platforms. Brands can use it right out of the box, so to say” says Kevin Owens, Chief Product Officer. “This means upon deployment, brands can run NPS tests, price sensitivity, customer satisfaction programs, and much more, in a far more engaging and interactive manner.”

Early indicators show that respondents who participate in a chatbot survey are more engaged and provide richer data over time. In a study conducted in conjuncture with InnovateMR, FUEL BOT found that respondents spend 50% more time in the survey and provide 70% longer answers in open-ended questions when they are surveyed in a chatbot app compared to traditional methods.

Beyond one-on-one conversations, brands will also be able to use FUEL BOT to build structured chat sessions to solicit feedback from external and internal audiences, such as customers, partners, vendors, and employees. These sessions allow for rich, in-the-moment feedback via messaging, which is a more natural and intuitive way for brands to interact with others.

All data from the chat sessions feeds back into a robust reporting system, allowing for advanced analysis of key trends, sentiment, keyword research and more.

FUEL BOT is currently in beta testing and will be released soon. To be among the first to receive updates on availability, visit www.resources.fuelcycle.com/

About FUEL CYCLE by Passenger

Passenger’s enterprise-grade SaaS-based online community platform, FUEL CYCLE, gives brands exactly what they need to know about their customers in real-time, with 360-degrees of knowledge – not as data points, but as people, buyers or prospects. With the voice of the customer at their fingertips, our customers are empowered to make decisions that increase both revenue and long-term customer loyalty. To learn more or to sign up for a demo of FUEL CYCLE, visit www.fuelcycle.com.

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FUEL CYCLE by Passenger: Ashley Wolf, (713)-261-9387, awolf@passengerinc.com

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