Fuel Cycle Announces New Data Transfer Capability of its Progressive Profiling Solution 

Santa Monica, CA, April 21st, 2021 – Fuel Cycle Inc., the leading market research cloud for Fortune 500 companies announces a new capability of its progressive profiling tool, the P2 Engine. Here’s more about the new release, how it complements existing capabilities, as well as some context around the progressive profiling method in general.

What is progressive profiling? 

As a refresher, progressive profiling is a technique for gradually constructing a profile of your customers each time they interact with you or your product. This method allows businesses to keep questionnaires brief, while building up a holistic picture of every customer over time.

When running market research through community, it can be especially beneficial to leverage the continuous nature of the work for progressive profiling purposes.

Progressive profiling with Fuel Cycle 

Fuel Cycle’s P2 Engine is our customer profiling capability that automatically collects and integrates data from multiple sources into a single, unified data set. This community platform feature enables users to drive deeper insights, unify multiple data sources, and make better business decisions.

By collecting, consolidating, and unifying customer profiling data from multiple sources, our progressive profiling technology ensures insights professionals always have a synchronized single source of truth around who respondents are.

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What’s the new data transfer capability? 

Our goal at Fuel Cycle is to help promote insights across our customers’ organizations. The new data transfer capability of the P2 Engine is the latest function we’ve built to achieve this.

The new capability, called SFTP/MFT Data Transfer, syncs profiling data directly to users’ other system to support end-to-end insights and enable audience activation. Here’s a quick breakdown of the terminology:

  • SFTP = SSH File Transfer Protocol / Secure File Transfer Protocol  
  • MFT = Managed File Transfer 

This unidirectional push is the simplest way to integrate customer data gathered via research into other applications, software, and systems such as: CRM, databases, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), data lakes, and in-app profiles. Users can even sync P2 Engine data automatically on a recurring weekly basis. 

Who else does this capability benefit?  

Insights isn’t the only function that benefits from 2-way data transfer abilities. Here are some examples of other teams within the organization that can leverage this new release:

  • Sales and Customer Teams – Directly sync into CRM and CDP software to ensure front-line teams have up-to-date information when consulting with customers.
  • Product and Engineering Teams – Automatically pull information into applications for more relevant app information and user flows.
  • Operations and Administrative Teams – Add more profile information to databases to better support policy and financial services.

If you’re an existing Fuel Cycle customer interested in learning more or ready to enable this new feature, please reach out to your account manager (there are no additional costs associated with this capability).  

If you’re not yet part of the Fuel Cycle family but would like to learn more about our Community technology and other agile research offerings, please get in touch!