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Fuel Cycle Launches Frictionless Standalone Video Interview Product

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SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 12th, 2021 — Fuel Cycle, Inc., the leading market research cloud for Fortune 500 companies, introduces Live, a new virtual interview solution designed to rapidly increase insights volume from customers and product users.  

Live expands the qualitative research capabilities of businesses by dramatically simplifying the process of hosting focus groups and user interviews. Conversations hosted through Live directly impact revenue and product development by connecting brands with customers more regularly, reducing the cost of recruiting, and facilitating more efficient scheduling and research project management. Live solves the common pain points of companies that run most of their research online but have been missing a purpose-built solution designed for virtual qualitative research. With Live, video research is made simple and high-touch qualitative projects can go from inception to insights delivery in hours or days, not weeks or months. 

Here are a few of the benefits that Live delivers:  

  • Automated Scheduling and Reminders: Schedule meetings through a built-in calendar system, without all the back-and-forth of email 
  • Dedicated Mobile App: Live is the first tool in the market with a dedicated mobile app that enables interviews with customers wherever they are—on the go, in the store, or right at home 
  • Capture Key Moments: The in-platform note-taking tool makes it easy to record, tag, and share key moments with stakeholders 
  • Automated Transcription: Automatically get time-coded transcripts between multiple parties for fast insights 
  • Advanced Controls: Live gives researchers control over their research environment, including the ability to bring participants in and out of the digital space 

Rick Kelly, Chief Product Officer at Fuel Cycle says, “We’ve reimagined from the ground up what it means to have frictionless customer conversations, and Live is the product of that vision. It’s designed so researchers and product managers don’t have to worry about anything other than listening and sharing with their customers in an easy-to-use environment, leading to more insights and better business outcomes.” 

Live by Fuel Cycle is available now for a risk-free, two-week trial of the platform.  

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About Fuel Cycle 

Fuel Cycle’s award-winning Market Research Cloud is the most comprehensive intelligence gathering ecosystem that exists today. Our platform enables decision-makers to maintain constant connections with their customers, prospects, and users to uncover real-world actionable intelligence. By integrating human insight with critical business data, and through automated quantitative and qualitative research solutions, Fuel Cycle’s Market Research Cloud powers product innovation, brand intelligence, and enhanced user experience. Breakthroughs require action. We built Fuel Cycle to ignite it. 

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