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Fuel Cycle Blog: FCX Partner Realeyes Announcement

Fuel Cycle Announces Partnership with Realeyes to Integrate Market Research Cloud with Emotion and Attention Analytics Solution

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Fuel Cycle,  the leading insights community, panel and market research cloud provider, today announced that Realeyes is the latest company to join its Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX) Marketplace for partners. Realeyes integrates seamlessly with Fuel Cycle, allowing clients to harness the power of attention and emotion measurement on a global scale, all within Fuel Cycle’s unified platform.

Realeyes uses webcams and machine learning to measure how people feel as they watch video content online, enabling brands to inform and optimize their content and better plan their distribution. Brands can uncover richer insights about their audiences through key features like:

  • Attention Measurement: Brands can discover how well their content, be it video, images, or text, manages to capture and sustain focused attention from an audience.
  • Second-by-Second Emotion Tracking: Realeyes gives brands the ability to unearth how an audience actually feels in response to the content, allowing it to start making more informed, data-driven business decisions about creative optimization and media allocation.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Realeyes leverages AI to measure how someone thinks and feels about content, tying traditional qualitative research with quantitative measures of attention and emotion.
  • Global Norms: Not all cultures react emotionally with the same intensity. Realeyes allows benchmarking of a brand’s creative performance against local norms to ensure results are interpreted within the most accurate and informative context. Realeyes’ normative database is comprised of over 24,000 videos tested around the globe to help brands discover how their content stacks up against virtually any other.
  • Highly Accessible Data: Brands can access and monitor all attention and emotion data as studies are fielded in an easy-to-use dashboard, complete with the ability to export the data to integrate with existing workflows.
  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly: Reach opt-in brand communities and audiences via desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

“Working with partners like Fuel Cycle, we’re operationalizing emotion and attention measurement to humanize brands and transform market intelligence,” said Mihkel Jäätma, the CEO and co-founder of Realeyes. “The result is deeper, faster and differentiated insights to achieve better consumer experiences as well as brand performance.”

“Integrating the Realeyes cutting-edge application with Fuel Cycle’s platform provides incredible value to our clients,” said Rick Kelly, CPO, Fuel Cycle. “We’re glad to see the FCX Marketplace continue to grow, as it means more options for brands who want to support their research with additional insights that allow them to get a better understanding of their customers’ points of view.”

Realeyes is available to Fuel Cycle customers now through the FCX Marketplace. For more information, visit

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