Quant Reporting

This is an exciting release within the Research Engine!

When you publish a custom survey project through our Research Engine, instantly access the quant report. Keep track of your data while conducting your survey or review your response data once the survey is completed. Key features include:

  • Manage all of your projects in one platform without leaving the community
  • Keep track of data as it flows in to the platform
  • Review and clean data in the Research Engine with Data Actions
  • Layer on progressive profiling points for additional insights
  • Share password-protected, up-to-date reports externally with just a few clicks

This latest release is a significant step forward for the Research Engine as it becomes a centralized insights hub for brands.

Custom Redirect URL

You can now redirect members to a new location at your survey’s end while still rewarding and logging the survey as complete in Fuel Cycle.

This new functionality is for those who may want their members to land somewhere else upon survey completion instead of bringing them back to the community. This feature will help brands foster further brand engagement, direct participants to follow-up research, and more beyond the community.