The Agile Insights Platform For Actionable Intelligence

Welcome to the future of quantitative research – a suite of advanced insights methodologies that deliver actionable intelligence. 

Take Product, Brand, and Market Intelligence to the Next-level

Validate every decision quickly and efficiently. Quickly adopt expert insight methodologies. Target any audience including customers, prospects, or employees. Easily customize to suit your industry and brand.  

With FC Ignition, you’ll get useful, workable and predictive insights so you know exactly what’s happening and what to do next. Our methodologies are customizable to fit your brand’s needs and generate clear recommendations, so you can take immediate action.

Precision Research Solutions

Find the perfect research methodology for your specific needs with our research menu. 

Our solutions offer methodologies mapped to various research questions, ensuring you get the right approach for your unique situation.

Accelerated Intelligence

Experience the benefits of speed and cost efficiency through our automation process without sacrificing quality. 

Gain a competitive edge by quickly adapting to changing market conditions and making data-driven decisions.

Community Driven Insights

Unlock the power of community-driven insights by utilizing Ignition for bespoke segmentation models based on deep consumer profiling data. 

Track individual customer experiences over time using our Customer Experience Tracking, enabling a more personalized and effective approach.

Streamlined Access to Crucial Insights at Your Fingertips

Turn any business question into transformative action with the agile insights platform. 

Advertising-Driven Brand Lift​

Understand the impact of an early-stage advertisement or press release on brand sentiment.​

Attitudes & Usage Tracking

Understand category behaviors, respondent sentiment, unmet needs, and targeting information for potential customers. ​
Compare your brand’s health with your top competitors over time with frequent data collection, automated longitudinal analysis, stat-testing, and driver’s analyses.​

Brand Perceptions​

Understand how your research community members view your category at large and the key brands within it.

Concept/Creative Screening​

Determine which stimuli (names, ideas, ads, messages, etc.) resonate most with your audience across key metrics.​

Feature Prioritization​

Using the Kano model, categorize features from must-haves and delighters to those with little impact.​

Market Share with Conversion Funnel​

A point-in-time version of our Brand Health Essentials, including measuring conversion metrics and predictive market share.​

Monadic Price Testing​

Determine the impact of product or service price changes on key performance metrics.​

System Usability

Measure how your UX stacks up against industry standards using the System Usability Scale. ​

See the Platform in Action

A world of actionable intelligence is waiting. Take your research to the next level.