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The agile insights platform designed to help organizations move quickly to deliver incredible products, optimize brand presence, and connect with customers & employees faster than ever before.

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Change is constant. Now, more than ever, businesses need agile market research that accelerates decision making and ensures that they are incorporating customer and employee needs into products, communications, and services.  

Introducing Ignition, the agile insights platform designed to help organizations move quickly to deliver incredible products, optimize brand presence, and connect with customers employees faster than ever before. 

Key Benefits

Insights Automation

Ignition provides out-of-the-box, expert-crafted, agile market research solutions for many needs. With Ignition’s insights platform, marketers gain massive efficiencies on testing ad campaigns, HR managers can quickly identify areas for process improvement, and product teams can forecast growth expectations for new market entrants.

Brand marketers need to assess the impact of digital brand marketing efforts across multiple measures, such as purchase intent, brand favorability, and much more. Marketers can use the advertising effectiveness measurement solution to respond to the effectiveness of campaigns, adjust targets, and maximize ROI.

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Track brand health over time with transparent, customizable, and actionable methodologies that provide unparalleled efficiency and speed. Tracking can be rapidly customized to suit your brands’ objectives and industry and custom settings are saved for streamlined usage at every pulse.

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Live by Fuel Cycle

Live, an Ignition solution, enables real-time, virtual focus groups and in-depth interviews for fast-moving product, UX, CX, and market research teams. FC Live interviews can be conducted across the globe with high usability and low latency, supported by automated transcriptions.

Part of the Fuel Cycle Market Research Cloud

Ignition is part of Fuel Cycle’s history of delivering valuable, innovative solutions to our customers and partners. Ignition delivers on the same brand promise that is infused into our other solutions – all built for enterprises that want to break new ground with high efficiency and flexibility to grow.  

Fuel Cycle Core

The Continuous Research Platform


Constant Customer Connection with progressive profiling, in-depth qual, rapid quant, and CRM connectors. 

FCX Marketplace 

Insights Marketplace with dozens of additional insights solutions.


Survey Any Audience around the globe for benchmarking, market sizing, and more. 

Fuel Cycle Ignition

The Agile Insights Platform

Insights Automation

Expert-crafted templates for your most common survey types, tracking research, and experience management across brand, product, customer, and employee.

FC Live

Rapid Video Interviews with mobile focus group, screensharing, and automated transcription capabilities.

Ad Effectiveness

Total Ad Performance enhances digital campaign assets for your target audience, measures impact in real-time, and optimizes campaign ROI. 

Agile Market Research

Ignition’s insights platform can be used to validate every decision quickly and efficiently.  

Quickly adopt expert insights methodologies

Target any audience, including customers, prospects, or employees

Develop deeper customer understanding with agile video

Easily customize to suit your industry and brand

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As a research solution, Ignition supports a wide-range of studies and methodologies to help understand and improve experiences across your products, customers, brands and employees.