Fuel Cycle vs. Alida

There’s multiple reasons our customers choose us over competitors. Pioneering the next generation of market research is just one of them.

We Are Customer First

One of our main and leading values at Fuel Cycle is that we are constantly and consistently “Customer Obsessed”

It is a message we drive home from Day One to ensure that all team members, in any role, understand our vision and collectively work to deliver what our customers need.

At Alida:

Alida’s low support models frequently leave customers with limited answers and knowledge, as evidenced by its current reduction in services staff and implementation of additional costs for this type of consultation work.

We Are Technology-Driven

For over a decade, Fuel Cycle remains the leader in the market research technology space, releasing over 100 product and platform updates on average per year. 

Our Research Engine is the most sophisticated platform for running advanced analysis across multiple data sources and decreases the time and resources to capture actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.

At Alida:

Alida’s one claim to proprietary fame is its survey programming tool, leaving much to be desired and ignoring customer needs and previous work that may be housed elsewhere. Their current toolset offers a mobile solution that is based on their desktop platform without optimization, lacking a truly mobile-first engagement for both moderators and community members.

We Embed Research Into Your Business

Whether it’s quant or qual research, creative testing or brand health tracking, your first insights program or an advancement of previous work – Fuel Cycle is prepared to roadmap your research needs and provide flexible recommendations for your best results. 

We provide you with the type of support model that best suits your team – from full-service partnerships to hybrid models, to DIY, we can accommodate your team’s bandwidth to make sure we are optimizing your efficiency.

At Alida:

Alida remains a luddite in this area, leaning heavily on their quantitative offerings and providing essentially zero qualitative tools or expertise. They rely on their quantitative survey tool and add on qualitative integrations at additional costs. This means a lot of the research looks the same despite the varied needs of clients.

We Know Your Audience Deeply

Fuel Cycle’s P2 Engine is the most powerful tool in the market for progressive profiling and segmentation to gauge and understand your audiences over time. Combine research data with additional brand profiling points and consumer data to take your customer engagement to new heights.

By integrating the P2 Engine with various siloed data sources, you’ll have access to a centralized location of powerful data that empowers you to know your audience better than they know themselves.

At Alida:

Alida’s progressive profiling is extremely limited, only pulling in information built on surveys via their proprietary tool. This profiling tool can only be built on survey data and supports a limited amount of question types, leaving out vital survey information and additional sources of behavioral data when building personas.

We Turn Data Into Insights

Fuel Cycle offers extensive features, like AI analysis and advanced analytics, that speed up analysis, provide segmented insights based on target groups, and make complicated datasets digestible for everyone – from new researchers to seasoned experts. 

More importantly, Fuel Cycle provides the analysis tools that businesses actually need. What sets us apart is not just gathering insights but turning them into action with powerful, secure integrations with best-in-class business solutions. Think marketing automation based on survey feedback, using existing customer data to understand survey results, and targeting strategies based on a mix of research and external data. 

At Alida:

Alida’s reporting capabilities fall way behind today’s industry standards and lacks foresight for where their clients are going. Their biggest value proposition centers entirely around dashboards and reporting that still require the heavy lifting and analytical skills to live within their in-house teams. This does not enable or empower anyone on the customer’s end.

We Are Industry Acclaimed

Fuel Cycle has been in the top 50 GRIT awards most innovative companies since 2019, as well as placing with Comparably for 5+ years. This is in addition to the various organizations that have recognized Fuel Cycle’s industry impact, including Quirk’s Media, Built In, Inc. and more.

Our commitment to creating an engaging, rewarding workplace funnels over into our drive & growth in the market research and tech space.

  • #25 most innovative market research company, GRIT 2022
  • #7 most innovative research software

At Alida:

Alida failed to rank as a top company across any GRIT 2022 award categories and is lacking in wider industry recognition for excellence. While company culture awards are great, Alida is lacking in technology and innovation awards related to their product – the very thing that should set them apart in the market.

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insight communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.