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FastFocus provides access to simple and cost-effective predictive market studies, which enables brands and enterprises to quickly evaluate new product concepts, marketing messaging, and package designs. Through an engaging and mobile responsive interface, respondents participate in a prediction market game where they are given a set of competing ideas to consider and a fixed number of tokens to spend. By mimicking a virtual “shopping” experience, FastFocus helps researchers better understand what respondents will do, not just what they think. Using this rich feedback, researchers can get quick and directional insights on the appeal and likelihood of future success for early-stage concepts, marketing assets and package designs. 



  • Intuitive and mobile responsive user experience — dynamic, mobile responsive interface encourages gaming-like and shopping-like experience. 
  • Quantitative “passion” score — understand the level of buy-in and confidence that your respondents have in your ideas. 
  • Testimonial detail — gather rich open-ended rationale for every decision made in the prediction market game. 


Use Cases 

  • Product Innovation — Rapidly gather insights to identify winning early-stage product/service concepts. 
  • Marketing Campaigns — Quickly test marketing communications such as taglines, product claims, etc. 
  • Package Design — Understand the appeal of various package designs at once. 


Fuel Cycle + FastFocus, Together 

A FastFocus study can be launched in Fuel Cycle through an activity, where community members can seamlessly access the study. Fuel Cycle will automatically transmit any related P2 Engine, allowing you to filter and segment your results within reporting dashboards. 

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