Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the global economy is changing. Fuel Cycle surveyed 501 Americans as Part 1 of an economic pulse study to uncover the details behind their new spending habits. The results reveal necessary insight for any business hoping to keep up in this strange new marketplace. Organizations that don’t keep up with customer demand won’t survive. 

Download this ebook to discover: 

  • Striking changes to the U.S. workforce and how income level impacts people’s confidence in the U.S. to recover economically 
  • How customer spend has shifted since the onset of the pandemic and what they’ll be buying in the coming months 
  • Four special offers from Fuel Cycle to help brands adapt to the “new normal’ and tap into their customer’s shifting needs 

Plus, stay tuned for Part 2 where we’ll reveal even more eye-opening insights and show you the top qualitative research solution being used by market researchers today.