Delta Testing: Getting It Right The First Time

Time and time again, we see hear stories of both established and up-and-coming brands launching a new product or campaign that strikes a deep chord with customers. Suddenly, they’re filling a gap that nobody else knew existed. It’s tempting to call it beginner’s luck or credit the corner of the market big brands had already […]

Optimizing Qualitative Research for Mobile Technology

Due to a growing dialogue around diversity, equity, and inclusion, researchers rightly worry about representation in research – especially when it comes to qualitative research. Traditional focus group processes are unintentionally exclusionary, as less than 12% of the U.S. population can easily visit a research facility based on geography alone. And with 1-in-5 Americans being smartphone-dependent, digital mobile qualitative isn’t […]

Leading Healthcare into the Future: How Emerging Providers Improve Patient Care with Digital Experiences

Digital healthcare experiences have surpassed the traditional definition of telemedicine and telehealth. No longer restricted to contacting a specialist, healthcare experiences now encompass an astonishing range of activities that leverage online and technology-driven advancements. Innovations that seemed like far-fetched ideas a decade ago are now the reality of healthcare.  These developments have placed patient experience at the center of healthcare. Download […]

Reinvigorating Your Research Community (psst: It’s as important as launching one)

Does it ever start to seem like your research community has “run its course?” Or maybe you’re struggling to track accurate ROI and are beginning to wonder whether it’s worth the investment. Perhaps you don’t even have a research community yet, because concerns like these are holding you back. If any of this sounds familiar, […]

Insights that Ignite Action: Elevate Your Market Research Impact Potential

Insights should be the seeds of action. Most modern businesses have vast amounts of data and packaged predictions, but there is a disconnect around the context, implications, and necessary action. As research professionals and strategists, we are in a powerful position to produce work that impacts business outcomes. But we all know that the most beautifully designed […]

Inspiring Action with Video

Video content is skyrocketing in popularity. From the introduction of platforms like Tik Tok, to Instagram’s recent shift towards video optimization, businesses and consumers alike are choosing video over static content – and it’s easy to see why.  Discover how video can transform your research deliverables into personable, memorable, and persuasive assets to inspire action within […]

From Virality to Loyalty – Exploring Delight, Desire, and Needs with Google

These days, going viral is the ultimate compliment. With a quick Google search, it’s easy to find articles on virality potential – enforcing the idea that once your company is famous, all your problems will be solved.   But this is far from the truth. While going viral can be one way to break through the noise, Daniela Cruz, Brand Lead at […]

Emerging Trends in Media Consumption

Global media consumption has changed dramatically in recent years. The widespread availability of disruptive technologies and services has fundamentally shifted the ways that viewers think about, engage with, and create content.  In order to align with industry changes, media and entertainment companies need to adapt quickly and find new ways to improve audience experiences. Download our newest white paper to discover:  💥 The pre-existing trends that signaled early shifts in the media and entertainment […]

Driving Customer Centricity with Online Communities

Customers are the heartbeat of every organization. From product performance to market penetration and beyond, the success of your business is determined by the satisfaction of your customers. How can your brand drive customer centricity to deliver optimal results? One word: Community. Online communities have become the #1 tool for major brands to put the […]