Your Guide to Agile Research in 2021

2021 marks a turning point. In the aftermath of profound disruption, a combination of agility, creativity, and customer obsession illuminate the way forward. The market research landscape has fundamentally shifted, and the success of insights organizations will depend on their willingness to invest in new strategies that will drive meaningful change. Based on a Q&A […]

Setting the Stage for Agile Research in 2021

In a survey Fuel Cycle ran this year, 83% of corporate researchers reported they expect to be doing most or all their research online in the next 12 months. Meanwhile, SurveyMonkey research found that 47% of market research pros plan to increase their usage of DIY research solutions, compared with only 27% who plan to […]

Market Research Predictions for 2021

According to Forrester’s 2021 Predictions report, organizations will need to double-down on technology-fueled experiences, operations, products, and ecosystems in the coming year. Additionally, their success will depend on how swiftly they harness tech to enable their workforce and build platforms that differentiate them from competitors. Investing in new technology, realizing the value of existing technology, […]

Agile Market Research: Mindset or Method?

“Agile” is not a foreign term. In fact, it’s such a hot topic that we may be growing desensitized to its original definition, which is simply, “the ability to move quickly and easily.” When most people think of qualitative research, they don’t think “quick” or “easy.” But as technology enables greater speed, all business units are pressured to keep up by adopting agile methodologies and incorporating them […]

UX: The Past, Present & Future

Did you know that the origins of UX can be traced right back to Ancient Greece? Since then, a lot has changed. Even from 1950 to today, the number of global UX professionals has increased by nearly 10 million. Such an exponential growth factor may have you wondering: what does the future of UX look like? In this […]

The Connection Factor: What Sets Successful Brands Apart During Times of Change

Navigating change is hard. Especially when uncertainty plagues your everyday, planning for the future can feel downright impossible. No brand, department, or team will survive if they try to plan in a vacuum, and the companies that know this have risen to the top of their industries. In 2020 alone, the U.S. has experienced a devastating global pandemic, a […]

FC Connect 2020: Top Themes & Takeaways

At FC Connect 2020, over 40 industry leaders offered valuable insight into new market research trends, DIY research strategies, and specific methodologies to capture data and activate organizational change. While speakers from top brands, including Clorox, McKinsey, ESPN, and Qualtrics were all stellar, we know you might have missed out. So, we made it easy for you and summed all best information from […]

Accelerating Qualitative User Experience Research with Machine Learning

How can user experience researchers adapt to the onslaught of insights needs coming from their business? Watch this webinar for an action packed discussion on how digital solutions and machine learning can help them adapt to the growth in user experience demand, drive value, and accelerate decision making with machine learning. Fuel CycleThe first insights […]