Progressive Profiling: Unifying Data to Remap the Post-Covid19 Customer Journey

During Covid19, customer experiences drastically changed; new needs, new channels, new formats of communication. And while this way of life won’t be forever, we’re all going to emerge on the other side of this in a “new normal.” This webinar will reveal how you can integrate all your customer data into one centralized platform for customer experience research. By running continuous research with Community while incorporating these progressive profiling capabilities with the P2 […]

Total Advertising Performance: Mastering Digital Advertising with Extreme Agility

Measuring ad effectiveness is imperative for organizations that are serious about growing profitably. More importantly, with current political, social and economic changes we must understand how messages resonate with consumers. Traditional ad effectiveness measurement determines the overall performance of digital marketing campaigns, but simply measuring the impact after deployment can only benefit the business so […]

2020 Business & Innovation GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report

Fuel Cycle was awarded three recognitions in the latest GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report: #6 Technology Provider, #21 Strategic Consulting Category, and #22 of the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies! This is a result of a few things. Namely, the Fuel Cycle core values of customer-centricity and extreme curiosity.   In recent years, we’ve observed a strong shift of interest from quantitative to qualitative technology within the market research industry. We listened. […]

Customer Experience: Remapping the Post-Covid19 Customer Journey

During Covid19, customer experiences drastically changed; new needs, new channels, new formats of communication. And while this way of life won’t be forever, we’re all going to emerge on the other side of this in a “new normal.” This webinar will reveal how you can integrate all your customer data into one centralized platform for […]

The Cornerstones of Employee Experience: Productivity, Well-being, Retention & Empathy

Productivity, well-being, community, and empathy = what employees care most about. Positive employee experience is essential to a functional workplace and ultimately employee retention. With the current occupational climate, many workers are on the fritz. Join this webinar to learn how to keep your employees satisfied members of the corporate family.  Attendees will learn:    How to […]

Total Ad Performance: Ad Effectiveness for Brand Integrity

Measuring ad effectiveness is imperative for organizations that are serious about growing profitably. Traditional ad effectiveness measurement determines the overall performance of digital marketing campaigns, but simply measuring the impact after deployment can only benefit the business so much. With Fuel Cycle’s Total Ad Performance, you can optimize campaigns in the design phase, assess campaigns in-flight, and track every point along your brand journey to ensure ultimate ROI on marketing investment.   Attendees will learn:  How to adapt to new demands for ROI in digital brand marketing    The correlation between […]

Agile Product Research How to Prepare for the New Future of Product Experience

From finance to healthcare to retail, product experience has been moving in the direction of digital for years. Some industries are ahead of the curve and were poised to sail forward through these times, while others are lagging. Learn how establishing even the basics of a solid product experience can revamp customer enthusiasm and secure a future for any brand.  Attendees will learn:  How […]

The Insights Renaissance: How automation, machine learning, and the economic crisis are spurring innovation

As the world changes daily, so do business expectations and strategies market research team need to learn and deploy to keep up with changing behaviors of consumers. Having effective tools and implementing them efficiently and quickly matter now more than ever.    These changes are driving innovation that high-performing market research teams must stay aware of to gain a competitive advantage and function with agility. Join […]