The Connection Factor: What Sets Successful Brands Apart During Times of Change

Navigating change is hard. Especially when uncertainty plagues your everyday, planning for the future can feel downright impossible. No brand, department, or team will survive if they try to plan in a vacuum, and the companies that know this have risen to the top of their industries. In 2020 alone, the U.S. has experienced a devastating global pandemic, a […]

FC Connect 2020: Top Themes & Takeaways

At FC Connect 2020, over 40 industry leaders offered valuable insight into new market research trends, DIY research strategies, and specific methodologies to capture data and activate organizational change. While speakers from top brands, including Clorox, McKinsey, ESPN, and Qualtrics were all stellar, we know you might have missed out. So, we made it easy for you and summed all best information from […]

Accelerating Qualitative User Experience Research with Machine Learning

How can user experience researchers adapt to the onslaught of insights needs coming from their business? Watch this webinar for an action packed discussion on how digital solutions and machine learning can help them adapt to the growth in user experience demand, drive value, and accelerate decision making with machine learning. Fuel CycleThe first insights […]

The Power of Centralizing Technology to Align Stakeholders and Win Customer Trust

The past decade brought many of the tools we use today to establish connection with our customers. In the next year, not only will technology-facilitated collaboration with customers become more vital, but access to tools that forge internal bonds within organizations will become the major differentiator for those that thrive above others. In this conversation […]

The Great Consumer Shift: How US Shopping Behavior is Changing

The shifts in consumer behavior due to COVID-19 have been staggering. For example, we saw 10 years of consumer and business digital penetration in less than 3 months. McKinsey’s Global COVID Consumer Sentiment Survey collects and connects data across 45 different countries and the resulting insights were shared at the 2020 FC Connect Digital Insights Summit. This infographic summarizes the 5 big […]

Leveraging Mobile eCommerce Tools for a Competitive Advantage

Currently, brands significantly underinvest in how they market, package and sell their product via mobile eCommerce. But the world is changing, and brands need to get ahead of the change. In the next normal, market dynamics will shift and change fast. What products sell and what messaging is most effective is highly dependent on these changing dynamics. Being […]

The Great Consumer Shift: Ten Charts that Show how US Shopping Behavior is Changing

The shifts in consumer behavior due to COVID-19 have been staggering. For example, we saw 10 years of consumer and business digital penetration in less than 3 months. We will talk about 5 big changes to consumer behavior through the lens of McKinsey’s Global Consumer Sentiment survey results. We will also discuss implications for primary […]

Day 1: Intro & Keynote Speech

KEYNOTE INTRO:FC Connect is a digital journey that will teach the audience how to “think like a shark.” For research to be a real driver of innovation and growth, the role and span of influence has to be closer to decision-making. We’ve designed the Fuel Cycle Market Research Cloud to support all facets of business […]

The Power of Relative Importance Analysis, As Demonstrated on a COVID-19 Dataset

Relative Importance Analysis is a modern extension of regression analysis. It’s ideal for survey data, which often includes highly correlated driver variables that can make traditional approaches to regression invalid. We’ll use it to explore a dataset collected by Qualtrics pertaining to perceptions of COVID-19, including the following:– How has reduced social contact affected people’s […]