As a market researcher, are you at odds with traditional qualitative research methods and new online technology that is meant to simplify the research process?

If so, you’re not alone. The State of Qualitative Research and Automation report suggests most market researchers experience real challenges and barriers when it comes to successfully adopting online qualitative research tools.

Common challenges, reported in detail, include:

  • Lack of time and investment
  • Lack of necessity
  • Lack of control
  • Unreliable and inconsistent technology
  • Lack of demand for qualitative research
  • Dislike of online qualitative tools
  • High cost of tools
  • And more!

The added value of this report is a close look into how market researchers can overcome these barriers, improve the digital qualitative study experience, and create a better environment to complete more high-quality qualitative studies.

Download the report today for a granular look into the insights of The State of Qualitative Research and Automation, powered by Voxpopme.