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Experience Management: What’s That?!

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Experience Management. Ever heard of it? We have, and it’s time you did, too.

Fuel Cycle is on a mission to become the best Experience Management platform on the market, but what does that even mean?

Experience Management is the process of monitoring every interaction people have with a company in order to identify areas for improvement.

When we talk about Experience Management, we’re referring to one of four key areas: Product Experience, Brand Experience, Customer Experience, and Employee Experience. Nailing these four levels of experience are instrumental to the success of a business. Let’s break them down.

Product Experience Management

The journey a customer takes while using a product, from start to finish, is the overall Product Experience. Everything that occurs within the digital or physical walls of a company plays a part in the overall experience of a product.

Fuel Cycle provides brands with a complete suite of experience management tools that help experience owners at every stage of innovation map their customer’s journey, including when developing new products, measuring user experiences, and even predicting market adoptions. We’re here to help your product grow!

Brand Experience Management

When you think of your favorite brand, does it make you feel something? Are you excited when Target comes to mind or feel calm when you open the Calm app? Companies can evoke feelings from their customers through the language, colors, and other marketing materials used which can amplify brand personality and customer connection. You want your customers to feel something (ideally positive) when they think of your brand, come into your store, or visit your online pages and ultimately build brand loyalty.

At Fuel Cycle, we have a community solution that connects brands with customers for real conversations that guide business decisions. Our clients are able to deliver a unique and consistent brand experience, leaving their customers feeling understood and longing for more.

Customer Experience Management

The consumer-driven marketplace of today requires businesses go above and beyond for their customers. The Customer Experience, then, is every interaction a customer has had with your company, from speaking with Customer Service Representatives to receiving your product or service. You might think, “Wait. Doesn’t that fall under ‘Product’ or ‘Brand Experience?’” Certain components do, sure. The Customer Experience encapsulates many touchpoints, though, and is focused on every interaction your customer has with your business, not just the brand or the product experience.

Fuel Cycle offers quantitative and qualitative solutions to map the customer journey, uncover pain points, identify missed opportunities, and perfect the customer experience at every interaction. We want to help you keep those customers happy and coming back for more.

Employee Experience Management

If your employees are unhappy, will their moods rub off on your customers? They definitely could! Imagine a Customer Service Representative had a negative experience in your company, and now they have to answer the phone to help your customer. The difference between a happy CS Rep and an unhappy one could mean the difference between a repeat customer and a lost one.

To keep top talent happy and performing their best, Fuel Cycle helps employers engage with their employees authentically, incorporating feedback into initiatives that improve the employee experience and ultimately the customer experience. Make your employees your brand ambassadors, not your company killers.

Guessing what your customers and employees think and want from your business can cost you time and money, only to put you somewhere that doesn’t work. Through Experience Management, businesses are able to get the facts straight from the people that matter most. 

Your Experience Management Journey Begins With Fuel Cycle

In today’s global landscape, one of the only ways businesses can connect to customers is through the use of online tools like Fuel Cycle. Add Fuel Cycle’s experience management platform to your business and take the guessing out of important decision making when it comes to determining how your customers and employees interact and experience your brand. For a more in-depth look at how Fuel Cycle can help your brand with experience management, request your demo today.

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