With market research continuing to evolve through the proliferation and adoption of automated tools, research is beginning to look for and leverage more organic and easier to use research methodologies. The respondent experience is becoming more paramount and emerging solutions are springing on the market to move research in the right direction. While market research has always been more conservative in nature, early adopters of new technologies benefit greatly from gathering more agile and precise insights.

In this podcast, CEO of Fast Focus, Bill Bloom, sits down with host, Rick Kelly, Fuel Cycle CPO to talk about the importance of combining smart technology with traditional research methods. He discusses, more specifically, the power of prediction markets and their ability to accurately predict the viability of a concept or product by leveraging the collective wisdom of the crowd. Prediction markets have been used in big name companies, such as Time Warner and Disney for years but have not spread into the mass market until now.

Listen in on this podcast and gather insight into:

  • How researchers can become early adopters
  • The power of prediction markets
  • Breaking the conservative mold in research