It’s back and bolder than ever!

Each year, GreenBook Research surveys and interviews over 1,000 participants from 75 countries to set the benchmark for market research and make projections for the future of the industry.

But this time it’s different…and better than ever!

Why You Won’t Want to Miss This GRIT Report

The 25th Edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report is here and is being considered the inaugural edition of the new GRIT Business & Innovation Report.

After having been restructured to focus on different aspects of the industry, the intent with the newest GRIT report was to redesign both the questionnaire and for the report to focus on large issues related to the business of research vs. focussing mainly on the process.

This means the 25th edition of the GRIT report is one you won’t want to miss! 

What Can You Find in the Newest GRIT Report? 

Downloading the newest GRIT report means having exclusive access to insider insights, such as:

  • Buzz topics the industry is paying attention to
  • Opportunities and challenges for both organizations and the industry as a whole
  • Quantifying a variety of critical Organizational Success Factors
  • Mapping the industry with a new Lumascape
  • Understanding the current business outlook
  • Refreshing our benchmarking section 
  • And of course, the GRIT Top 25 Clients and Top 50 Suppliers

Why Get the GRIT?

This GRIT report covers everything from adoption of emerging methods, how vendors are delivering, and hot topics around big data and AI. This report truly takes a deep dive into what to expect from insights, and how the market is evolving.

Plus, this quarter’s GRIT report has a special, never before seen feature: Fuel Cycle listed as #26 of the Top 50 Suppliers considered the most innovative!

Download the most insightful and impactful edition of the GRIT report to date!