In today’s world, the importance of user experience (UX) cannot be ignored as a driver of business success. So much so, that a comprehensive report by McKinsey found that companies with top McKinsey Design Index (MDI) scores increased revenue and return to shareholders substantially faster than their industry counterparts. The numbers don’t lie … good UX matters.

But, effective UX research is hard to do. In fact, the McKinsey report found that over 40% of companies surveyed don’t talk to end users during development. This simply isn’t acceptable in today’s market, especially when it comes to the growing and ever-changing world of mobile user experience.

As a business, you cannot survive without a mobile presence from an app to a mobile-friendly website to social media, your customers expect to interact with you seamlessly on their handheld devices. You know you need to do it, but how can you easily and accurately perform UX research with your end users? That’s where Fuel Cycle and, specifically, FC Live comes in.

FC Live Provides a Mobile Native Experience

With FC Live, you can watch participants interact with a mobile prototype, app or website in real time while also asking questions to probe deeper into why they made certain choices and really get to the underlying issues behind the user experience. This type of real-time research provides invaluable insight into the problems and concerns a customer might encounter while navigating the world with their phone.

As the only truly mobile video IDI and Focus Group solution, FC Live is also the most user-friendly way to watch and record a participant as they interact on their mobile phone. With a click of a button, the participant can share their screen and interact with any app on their phone, including prototypes. You are then able to see the entire experience as it’s being recorded.

Once the FC Live mobile screensharing session is over, you’ll be able to download and review the video to see every screen, tap, swipe and action the participant shared. The audio is also human transcribed and sent through sentiment and topic analysis to provide truly insightful results quickly.

In an increasingly mobile world, FC Live and the screensharing feature is your answer to mobile UX research that will lead to long-term success for your business.