Oxford University researchers Carl Frey and Michael Osborne predicted that as many as 47% of US workers have a high probability of seeing their jobs become fully automated over the next 20 years. Industries across every sector of the economy are already feeling the effects of the automation wave.
But how long before market researchers see a full AI and automation revolution in their industry? In this podcast, host Rick Kelly sits down with Nik Samoylov, CEO of Conjoint.ly to discuss the visible effects and the not so visible effects of automation in the market research industry.

Listen in on this episode to hear about Nik’s journey from consultant to becoming CEO over the course of a few years and what he learned on his path to becoming a research solution provider.

Some episode highlights include:

  • How companies are still largely reliant on gut feelings versus hard data to make critical decisions.
  • How organizations can acquire tools that bring down cost and drive insight with minimal effort
  • How the primary voice of the consumer can impact growth in all sectors of business