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Fuel Cycle Blog: Built in LA 2020 Best Places to Work

Are you Offering a Job or an Experience?

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Fuel Cycle recently received a top-ranking award by Built In LA: Best Place to Work. How did we do it, how can you do it, and why does it matter to your customers? 

Jobs are everywhere, but what makes for a great job at a great company? Three words: benefits, compensation, and growth.  These are the fundamentals of a culture that attracts top talent. Sure, employees love nice workspaces and friendly co-workers, but they also love feeling valued through compensation, the opportunity to do something significant, and the ability to maintain a healthy mind and body through satisfying benefits packages. It’s simple – how you treat your employees reflects how you treat your customers, and satisfied employees mean satisfied customers.  It’s the combination of all these and more, of course, that drive the desired work experience.

According to HR Mornings “Is Your Benefits Package Ready for 2020?” the top desired traits are ones we practice here at Fuel Cycle and are easily available to you too. Here’s a breakdown of the most attractive company traits:

Great Healthcare 

Healthcare is the most important benefit to millennials, who now make up over a third of the workforce. Fuel Cycle offers both HMO and PPO options because healthcare isn’t a one size fits all package. This will be an investment upfront, but it will help you attract top talent and keep it. A healthy workforce equals higher productivity. 

Flexible Schedule 

Offering flexible schedules and remote opportunities to accommodate a diverse workforce will be one of the most important values you set for your team. Not only will you save spend on office space, you’ll also enjoy a worry-free workforce who doesn’t have to stress about rush hour, finding babysitters to accommodate certain hours, or money spent on gas or public transportation. Fuel Cycle offers tailorable hours and work from home flexibility to make professional life as easy as possible. This is a cost-effective value that is worth gold! 

Opportunity and Recognition 

Here at Fuel Cycle, we have the motto “team before self.” This has created a culture of selflessness and collaboration that is unrivaled. We take time out of company meetings to recognize key players and host end of the year awards to credit team members who live and breathe the motto. Recovery from missteps and home-run successes are equally celebrated. This won’t cost you a dime, but the gratitude your teams will have for the company and for each other is priceless.

A winning company culture is really just about providing your employees with the most valuable basics. Creating that culture starts from the top down, so take the time to audit your existing situation and map out the path to implementing the missions and values set forth. The happier your employees are, the more passionate and invested they will be in your business, which customers will notice. Think back to your favorite leaders and remember what set them apart: it wasn’t just the journey they led you on, but how they made you feel along the way.  

Learn more about Fuel Cycle’s recent award here.

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